Since 2003, the Rose Hill Foundation Offered Funding for Mental Health TreatmentIt would not have been possible for Rose Hill Center to offer treatment to people seeking help for their mental illness in 1992 without donations from individuals and businesses. In that same spirit, fundraising and investment management led to the establishment of the Rose Hill Foundation in 2003. Without these donors, the campus and its mental health programs wouldn’t exist today.

How the Rose Hill Foundation Serves the Public

We see numerous families who face tough personal and financial choices in order to fund their loved one’s mental health treatment. That may mean borrowing money, taking out a second mortgage, or even draining retirement accounts.

Donations allowed our founders to purchase land, construct our facility and develop our life-changing programs. In a similar vein, the Rose Hill Foundation provides financial help for individuals unable to afford treatment on their own. Additionally, foundation funds also provide for our facility’s urgent needs. Today’s sources of funds include an annual campaign, annual golf outing, and planned giving.

Estate Planning for Your Rose Hill Foundation Legacy

Rose Hill Center exists to help mentally ill residents lead more productive, independent, and fulfilling lives. Sometimes, mental health treatment to achieve these goals is too expensive for individuals to afford on their own. Planned giving to Rose Hill Foundation helps these people gain stability and hope for a better life.

Planned giving is one of the greatest sources of funds for Rose Hill Foundation. When you include the foundation in your estate plans, you help prospective residents overcome struggles associated with mental illness and addiction.

Adding the Rose Hill Foundation to your estate plans places you in the Circle of Independence. Whether you provide gifts to the foundation through wills, retirement plans, insurance plans, life-income plans, or deferred gifting, you’re giving hope to people who may otherwise go untreated.

Circle of Independence membership includes an invitation to the exclusive annual Circle of Independence event and other functions. You’ll also receive an annual newsletter with information about other Circle of Independence members, projects, and upcoming events.

Help the Rose Hill Foundation Continue to Grow

Rose Hill Center exists and continues its legacy of resident treatment thanks to generous donors like you.

If you have questions about the Circle of Independence membership or if you’re looking to donate to Rose Hill, contact the development department today at (866) 635-5619.

Rose Hill Foundation Board of Directors

John P Tierney, President
J. Thomas MacFarlane, Secretary
Richard T. Walsh, Treasurer & Assistant Secretary
J. Michael Moore, Assistant Treasurer

David H. Boerger
John W. Boukamp, III
Raymond M. Cracchiolo
Walter B. Fisher
Daniel J. Kelly
Rosemary Kelly
Walter Knysz III, M.D.

Kathleen Chisholm McInerney
Steven P. Mellos
Richard A. O’Connor
Gregory J. Schwartz, Jr.
Gregory J. Suhajda
Mary Ann Van Elslander
William F. Whelan
Robert A. Wilson