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Rose Hill Center Team

Rose Hill Center could not function without the tireless dedication of our team, which combines medical and mental health expertise with the care and compassion needed to help our residents overcome their challenges of mental illness and achieve functional independence.  

Our team is certified and experienced in several therapeutic modalities, including dialectical behavioral therapy, radically open dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, substance use treatment, grief and loss, anger management, cognitive behavioral therapy and other modalities that allow us to form a trusting, therapeutic alliance that’s individualized to your loved one’s needs.


James Kubicek

Position: President and CEO

Dr. Christina Zachar

Position: Medical Director

Kelli Waite

Position: LMSW, Director of Clinical Services

Laura Mueller

Position: LMSW, Director of Admissions

Tiffany Zalac

Position: Director of Operations

Laura Grice

Position: Director of Staffing

Clinical Staff

Christopher LePage

Position: PsyD, LMSW, Assistant Director of Clinical Services

Melissa Buck

Position: LLBSW, Extended Residential Case Manager

Kelly Patrick

Position: BSN, RN, CAS, Autism Specialist

Tara Murphy

Position: BSN, RN, Nurse Manager

John Halick

Position: LMSW, Residential Rehabilitation Case Manager

Nicholas Leske

Position: B.A., Community Support Case Manager

Erin McLeod

Position: LMSW, Therapist

Gayle McGregor

Position: LLPC, Residential Rehabilitation Case Manager

Administrative Staff

Amanda Brown

Position: Executive Assistant

Samantha Huier

Position: Human Resources Manager

Kimberly Hutchison

Position: Marketing & Communications Manager

Rochelle Jarri

Position: Assistant Director of Staffing

Janeen Moskal

Position Development Coordinator

Mark Perry

Position: Facilities Manager

Cassidy Smith

Position: Clinical Administrative Assistant


Sharlyn Cervantez

Position: B.A., Intake Coordinator

Kelly Macco

Position: BSW, Admissions Coordinator

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Board of Directors

Executive Board

  • Charles J. EvansChairman of the Board
  • James Kubicek – President and CEO
  • Louis C. Schmidt – Vice Chairman
  • J. Thomas MacFarlane – Secretary
  • Megan A. Wietfeld – Treasurer & Assistant Secretary

Board Members

  • Wendy Becker
  • Allen R. Bellamy, PhD
  • David H. Boerger
  • Randal M. Brown
  • Anthony S. Castiglione
  • Michael J. Kane
  • Daniel J. Kelly
  • Walter Knysz III, M.D.
  • Thomas V. Larabell
  • Kimberly Leight
  • Patricia A. McNeill
  • Steven P. Mellos
  • Jeremy J. Modell
  • Steven Stasek
  • Alice J. Wachol
  • Ronald P. Watson
  • Robert J. Whitty
  • Robert A. Wilson
The Rose Hill Foundation logo

Rose Hill Foundation Board of Directors

Director Emeritus

  • Raymond M. Cracchiolo
  • J. Michael Moore
  • Richard T. Walsh

Rose Hill Foundation Board of Directors

  • J. Thomas MacFarlane, President
  • Robert A. Wilson, Secretary
  • Megan A. Wietfeld, Treasurer & Assistant Secretary
  • Frank A. Arcori
  • David H. Boerger
  • John W. Boukamp III
  • Charles J. Evans
  • W. Michael George
  • Daniel J. Kelly
  • Walter Knysz III, M.D.
  • Paul D. Kurtz III
  • Kathleen Ann McInerney
  • Richard A. O’Connor
  • Louis C. Schmidt, Jr.
  • Gregory J. Schwartz Jr.
  • Christine M. Tierney
  • William F. Whelan

Advisory Board

  • James D. Adamo, M.D.
  • Stephanie W. Bergeron
  • William T. Burgess
  • Oliver G. Cameron, M.D., Ph.D
  • Jeffrey A. Evans
  • Cathrine B. Frank, M.D.
  • Honorable Stephen J. Murphy III
  • Waltraud E. Prechter
  • Angammal Veluswamy, M.D.

Cultivate Lifelong Well-Being

The Joint Commission
Michigan Assisted Living Association
National Council for Mental Wellbeing
American Residential Treatment Association
Holly Chamber of Commerce