As one of the leading long-term mental health centers in the country, Rose Hill Center Holly MI has offered comprehensive care since 1992. While we’ve helped many residents grow in recovery through integrated treatment and meaningful activities, much our success can be attributed to the Rose Hill Foundation. They’ve allowed our doors to remain open for individuals who previously lacked hope.

About the Rose Hill Foundation

Group Therapy at Rose Hill Center Holly MIIn order to open our facility, our founders relied upon generous donations to purchase the land, construct our treatment center, and hire qualified mental health professionals. In 2003, we established the Rose Hill Foundation to align with those core principles. The foundation provides financial assistance to individuals who need compassionate care. Additionally, it also helps fund Rose Hill Center’s urgent needs.

Benefactors donate to Rose Hill through events like our annual golf outing and generous planned giving. The donations ensure that we remain one of the premier mental health treatment facilities in the country.

Our Compassionate Professionals Make Rose Hill Center Holly MI Different

A mental health center is only as great as the staff that it hires. Rose Hill Center takes that to heart, which is why we employ skilled and empathetic professionals to work with our residents. Our team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, dietitians, psychologists, social workers, and vocational coordinators. All of them work in unison to help people achieve lasting stability and independence.

Our mental health services work because we combine our unique healing environment with a highly capable staff. Our therapeutic services also integrates medication management with individual and group therapy. Together, these elements help people achieve independence and maintain mental stability.

The Journey to Recovery

Individuals who wish to gain control over their mental illness start treatment with either our Residential Rehabilitation Services or our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Services depending on their specific needs. Under 24/7 care and supervision at our facility, they’ll be able to begin healing and develop important life skills on the road to lasting change.

Just as mental illnesses vary, no two people who come to Rose Hill Center Holly MI will need the same duration of treatment. Some of our residents aren’t ready to immediately return home after residential treatment. To help them, we provide an Extended Residential Services that offers a moderate level of care in a supportive atmosphere. Along with continued supervision and responsible medication monitoring, these clients get to enjoy trips into town and other outings and activities on a weekly basis.

Alternatively, Rose Hill Center residents have the option to graduate to our Transitional Living Services. This services gives them the chance to practice the life skills that they learned in a safe, secure setting. Rather than return home, they continue living on campus in one of our seven townhouses. However, they can get jobs, go to school, and volunteer in the community during this part of treatment.

Rose Hill Center Cares About You

If you or someone you love is struggling with a mental illness, a new life awaits at Rose Hill Center Holly MI. We offer numerous treatment options, including:

Don’t visit just any mental health center to help you manage your disorder. Choose Rose Hill Center for our unique environment, professional staff, and range of treatment options. Dial 866-367-0220 now to start your treatment.