Borderline personality disorder, also known as BPD, is a disorder that requires professional medical treatment. Through a comprehensive treatment plan, those struggling with BPD can gain the tools and resources needed to live safe and healthy lives. Learn to recognize some of the key borderline personality disorder symptoms. Recognizing borderline personality disorder can be the first step in securing the right treatment.

Efforts to Avoid Any Kind of Abandonment

Many people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder have a fear of abandonment. They may react strongly to any kind of real or imagined abandonment. In order to prevent this alleged abandonment, individuals may act out or be dramatic.

Pattern of Unstable Relationships

Psychiatrist Analyzing Borderline Personality Disorder SymptomsIndividuals with borderline personality disorder commonly have a past filled with unstable relationships. For those with BPD, romance and even friendships can feel like a roller coaster. They may get close to loved ones in a short amount of time.

This leads to serious relationships after just days or weeks. It can also lead to dramatic fights and serious long-term problems. A person with borderline personality disorder may not be single for very long, but they will typically have a dramatic romantic history.

Extreme Emotional Reactions and Mood Swings

Borderline personality disorder can create severe emotional instability. This means individuals with BPD may cycle through several moods in a given day. Those with BPD may feel genuine but extreme emotional reactions to real or perceived slights.

Having a friend cancel a lunch at the last minute could cause incredible anxiety or anger. Irritability could reach an all time high later in the afternoon. However, by evening, a sweet gesture from a loved one could cause tears and proclamations of love. The emotions felt by those with BPD are very real, but they’re magnified and more extreme than might be warranted.

Risky and Impulsive Behavior

Strong emotional reactions and responses can also lead to risky and impulsive behavior. Many men and women struggling with borderline personality disorder may engage in behavior that can ultimately cause themselves or others harm.

Individuals with borderline personality disorder are more likely to practice cutting or have suicidal thoughts. Substance abuse and dangerous sexual behavior are also more likely among those with BPD. The only way to stop or reduce these risky and impulsive actions is to treat the disease.

Treating Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms at Rose Hill Center

At Rose Hill Center, mental health treatment can help those struggling with borderline personality disorder. Depending upon you or your loved one’s specific needs, treatment will begin with either our Residential Rehabilitation Program or our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program. At either level of care, we provide:

  • Life skills development
  • Academic and recreational opportunities
  • Behavioral and cognitive therapies
  • Group therapy

Learning to recognize borderline personality disorder symptoms can get individuals to the help they need in less time. At Rose Hill Rehab Center in Holly, Michigan, you can get the treatment you deserve. Call 866-367-0220 to learn more about the best mental health programs for you or your loved one.