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Am I Depressed? Five Signs of Depression

Feeling sad is part of being human. However, what happens when those sad feelings don’t seem to ever go away? If your feelings of hopelessness are increasing, you might wonder if depression is the reason. Are you asking yourself, am I depressed? Knowing more about depression can help you figure out if you need mental health treatment. Am I Depressed? Finding Answers and Solutions Depression isn’t the occasional feeling of sadness due to various issues, such as a relationship breakup or loss of a family pet. If you’re depressed, the sadness persists day after day. Moreover, you may also feel ... Read more

Do I Have a Mental Disorder? Five Questions to Ask

Physical illnesses are usually easy to identify. For example, if you feel pain, you look for ways to treat it. Mental illnesses, on the other hand, aren’t always easy to identify and treat. Sometimes, a person doesn’t even recognize a problem. Their family or friends may notice something is wrong before they do. Have you ever wondered, do I have a mental disorder? In fact, getting an answer to this question can help you begin healing. Do I Have a Mental Disorder? Finding Answers You may feel like something isn’t quite right in your life, but you can’t put your ... Read more

The Benefits of Long Term Mental Health Care

Battling a mental health disorder such as bipolar disorder or depression can be exhausting. Some people surrender to the outward manifestations of their inner turmoil. Others may look for relief from an acute psychiatric hospital or short-term residential facility. Without long term mental care, however, individuals may have a hard time achieving sustainable stability. The Duration of Long Term Mental Care The actual time a resident stays in long term mental health centers will vary. Treatment is based on their mental health condition along with the facility’s program offerings. On average, most people stay for at least six months. However, ... Read more

Finding Help for Adults with Mental Illness

When individuals suffer from a mental health disorder, comprehensive treatment at an inpatient or residential care facility gives them the best chance of regaining stability. While, ideally, a person will seek help voluntarily, there are times when finding help for adults with mental illness rests solely on family members. Most family members don’t have the professional training to recognize a specific mental disorder. Perhaps all they know is their loved one has changed and is exhibiting out-of-character behavior. Still, they might hesitate in contacting a treatment facility. They believe avoiding the stigma of mental illness helps their loved one. However, ... Read more

Recognizing Anxiety Attack Symptoms

Feeling anxious about a challenging situation like a first date, job interview, or school exam is normal. However, many types of anxiety disorders can interrupt a person’s life. Recognizing anxiety attack symptoms before they get out of hand may help reduce the intensity. How to Recognize Anxiety Attack Symptoms An anxiety attack shares many physical symptoms of a heart attack or other severe health issues. Because these symptoms are real, it’s difficult to know which one a person is experiencing. Other unusual issues may happen such as vision trouble or muscle tension. Although no two attacks are the same, most ... Read more

Finding Long Term Mental Health Facilities for Your Loved One

As a concerned spouse, family member, or friend, you’re empowered to help your loved one find professional mental health treatment. However, how can you tell which long-term mental health facilities are the right fit? Here are some things you should look for in long-term programs. Long-Term Mental Health Facilities Should Offer Multiple Levels of Care Long-term mental health facilities will ensure that your loved one has access to a variety of programs and therapies. However, a residential rehabilitation program has to end at some point. For this reason, the best psychiatric care facilities should offer mental health programs that help ... Read more

Finding Residential Treatment Centers for Mental Health

Residential treatment centers can benefit individuals who need a structured environment in order to address various mental health issues. A caring inpatient atmosphere provides a change of pace and access to professional treatment specialists and empathetic peers. These facilities can also be vital resources for family members who faced difficult battles with their loved one’s condition. Benefits for Seeking Residential Treatment Centers for Mental Health Residential mental health treatment offers a comprehensive level of care. This type of setting gives people time, space, and support to learn about their mental health disorders and begin healing. During their stay, people learn ... Read more

What Separates the Best Mental Health Facilities?

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. In order to receive the proper care for debilitating issues, you need to know how to identify the best mental health facilities. Here are some characteristics to look for. The Best Mental Health Facilities Provide Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders It’s common for people to begin abusing substances when they’re struggling with mental illness. As a way to stop experiencing depression, anxiety, or other symptoms, many individuals begin to self-medicate. Eventually, the brain begins craving the drug or alcohol immensely whenever you experience these symptoms. In reality, the substances are ... Read more

How to Find the Right Residential Mental Health Facilities

When you or a loved one struggles with a mental health disorder, it can be a lonely feeling. In fact, accomplishing even the most basic daily tasks can be difficult. However, you don’t have to go through these struggles alone. With the help of professional therapists at qualified residential mental health facilities, you can take the first steps to a more fulfilling life. The Best Residential Mental Health Facilities See Psychological Wellness as Part of Your Overall Health There used to be a time when professionals treated physical and psychological health as two separate entities. However, more and more mental health ... Read more

A Comprehensive List of Mental Disorders

When considering the list of mental disorders that plague individuals, it’s important to note that there are currently well over 200 types of mental illnesses. All of these various mental health conditions have their unique manifestations, symptoms, and effects. Below is a breakdown of some of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in America to round out our comprehensive list of mental disorders. List of Mental Disorders Most Commonly Diagnosed in the US Approximately 42 million Americans receive a mental illness annually. While these figures are staggering, some forms of mental illness are far more common than others. Consider the following ... Read more