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Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

Many people who struggle with substance abuse first turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with stress or past trauma. They often feel like they’re alone and unsupported. Although they sometimes realize how damaging addiction is, they also feel trapped in a cycle of using. Once they enter rehab, they’ll take part in a variety of therapies. Group therapy for substance abuse is just one type of counseling that’s very beneficial. The Importance of Therapy in Addiction Treatment Do you know why you rely on drugs and alcohol to get through your daily life? If you’re like ... Read more

What is the Integrative Therapy Definition?

In some way or another, we experience a range of struggles throughout our lifetimes. In fact, sometimes these struggles require professional guidance, support, and care. This care often includes a range of therapies available for solving specific problems and meeting individual or group needs, such as integrative therapy. However, what is the integrative therapy definition and how will this therapy work for me? Exactly What is the Integrative Therapy Definition? Specifically, humans experience many complex and personal issues. Therapy helps us deal with our complex nature and ongoing problems, life stress, or urgent mental health needs. Sometimes our problems do ... Read more

What is the Humanistic Therapy Definition?

As you learn about available therapies possibly helpful for your condition, you may hear about humanistic therapy. However, what is the humanistic therapy definition and how will this form of counseling help you? Specifically What is the Humanistic Therapy Definition? The humanistic therapy definition is an approach to psychotherapy focusing on your individual nature as a human, instead of your position with classes, groups of people, or among peers with similar problems. In other words, you represent a whole person to your therapist and need whole-person wellness, not just being a disorder or condition. Therefore, your humanistic therapist sees things ... Read more

Support Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 takes place from October 7th through October 13th. During this time, it’s important to gain an understanding of mental illness in America and the stigma that goes along with it. For example, many people fail to enter mental health treatment due to the stigma behind these illnesses. They may feel shame or embarrassment because of their problem. However, mental illness is very common in today’s society and it’s not something to be ashamed of. In fact, some of the most successful and highly respectable people struggle with a mental health disorder on a daily basis. ... Read more

What is Recreational Therapy?

Many different types of therapies address psychiatric conditions today. Moreover, recreational therapy is one type of treatment that can yield many benefits. However, what is recreational therapy? What is recreational therapy used for in the treatment setting? The information below will address these critical questions in more detail. Specifically What is Recreational Therapy? When it comes to mental health treatment, recreational therapy is a treatment employed by many facilities across the country. In fact, recreation therapy uses a wide variety of activities to help a person recover from mental health challenges. Therapeutic recreation can involve the use of arts and ... Read more

Is It Time to Have THE TALK?

Have you been able to find the time, the words, or the courage to sit down and talk with your college freshman about their mental health? If not, know that you’re not alone. It seems that most parents freely and easily discuss things like finances, majors, schedules, and housing. But, many find it very hard to approach the more difficult topics like depression, anxiety, substance use or suicide. Yet, we know that occurrences of mental health problems continue to soar on college campuses everywhere. Since 2011, rates of anxiety have nearly doubled, and rates of depression have risen by more than fifty ... Read more

Is Bipolar Disorder Hereditary?

Nearly three percent of American adults struggle with bipolar disorder. Moreover, having bipolar disorder means that an individual will cycle between periods of mania and periods of depression. There are many risk factors involved, but one common question is this: Is bipolar disorder hereditary? Explore that possibility, as well as the route to recovery, below. Environment Factors of Bipolar Disorder In answering the question, is bipolar disorder hereditary, it’s important to also consider the other factors that can lead to the disorder. For example, environmental factors are those factors that can trigger bipolar disorder. In some cases, environmental factors can ... Read more

Personality Disorder Symptoms

A personality disorder is a way of thinking, feeling, and behaving that makes a person different from others. Here at Rose Hill Center, we understand this type of issue and the difficulties it can cause in your life. By recognizing personality disorder symptoms, we can help you on a path to overall wellness. Our expert staff will address the unique issues with this disorder to help you manage them proactively. Read on to learn more about the most common personality disorder symptoms. About Personality Disorder Are you struggling with the distress of having problems functioning due to your thoughts and ... Read more

What is A Phobia?

You’ve likely heard of phobias. Moreover, if you suffer from one, you understand the severity of the influence such fears can have on your day-to-day experiences. Others may wonder just what is a phobia, as it can sometimes be a concept that’s easily misunderstood. In fact, a phobia is an extreme fear of something, and it can truly take a toll on the sufferer’s life. At Rose Hill, we understand just how difficult it can be to work through such issues, and we’re here to help. Therefore, read on to discover more about phobias, different types, and what can be ... Read more

Mental illness And Substance Abuse Can Be Dual Struggle

As stories about the mental health crisis and opioid epidemic have dominated the news and sparked conversations on social media this summer, one important point has been overlooked. The two topics are not exclusive of each other. Demi Lovato, the popular singer and songwriter reminded us of that this week when she was hospitalized for a reported overdose. Although the cause of her hospitalization has not yet been confirmed, it sparked a national conversation about substance abuse and the role of mental illness. While Lovato has never shied away from the public about her battle with both substance abuse and ... Read more