Severe depression is a real problem for millions of Americans. This mental health disorder debilitates you and keeps you from living out your normal life. At Rose Hill Center, we offer severe depression treatment that can help you get your life back on track. Our goal isn’t just to help treat your current depression: we also want to give you the tools and coping skills to deal with future episodes.

What Is Severe Depression?

Individual Undergoing Severe Depression TreatmentWhile most people know of depression, they don’t know that there are different levels. Also known as clinical depression, severe or major depression is an elevated level. It leaves you with feelings of despair and hopelessness.

If you suffer from severe depression, you should consider seeking help. Without severe depression treatment, it’s difficult to sleep, work, study, and enjoy time with friends and family. Remember that severe depression can come in waves, which makes some days better than others. Even if you experience some good days, it’s best to seek professional help to learn how to cope with the bad ones.

What Causes Severe Depression?

At Rose Hill Center, we’ve found that many factors cause depression. In some cases, it’s hereditary. With that said, depression can affect people who have no family history of depression. Other factors that can cause depression include:

  • Environmental factors
  • Life-changing events (loss of job or death in the family)
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Living conditions

Severe Depression Treatment

When it comes to treating severe depression, there are many options available. At Rose Hill Center, we use a variety of mental health treatment approaches, including talk therapy. While there are many different types of talk therapy, the end goal is always the same. It’s the therapist’s goal to get to the root cause of the depression.

One example of talk therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). With CBT, a therapist teaches you how to fight off negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. The therapist will also teach you problem-solving skills to avoid situations that may make your depression worse.

Get Help for Severe Depression at Rose Hill Center

At Rose Hill Center, our goal is to help you overcome a variety of mental illnesses, including severe depression. However, we strive to put people first and their mental illness second. We pride ourselves on offering compassionate care to help you or someone you love grow in recovery. Some of the different mental health services that we provide at our residential rehabilitation center include:

On our large 400-acre campus, we treat more than just severe depression. We also treat bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and certain types of substance abuse. In general, we can help you overcome nearly any type of mental disorder.

Don’t let severe depression keep you from living your life to the fullest. Let us show you how to overcome depression. Reach out to Rose Hill Center today at 866-367-0220 for more information.