Located in Holly, Michigan, Rose Hill Center is a compassionate residential mental health facility that offers transformative, integrated services. We’ve designed our mental health services to help people overcome symptoms of mental illness and strive toward independence and stability.

Regardless of a person’s mental health challenges, our 400-acre campus provides a soothing atmosphere that contributes to their healing. The comprehensive nature of residential treatment allows our mental health team to focus on all aspects of the person’s condition.

Why Choose a Residential Mental Health Facility?

Man who needs help from a residential mental health facilitySome families struggle to decide on the best environment for a loved one battling a mental illness. It’s natural to feel guilty and wonder if sending their loved ones to a residential mental health facility is the right thing. The stigma of long-term mental health treatment could delay their decision.

Meanwhile, their loved one might experience feelings of abandonment, which may further exacerbate their condition. Unfortunately, fighting the difficult battle of mental illness without professional help can eventually cause more harm than good.

Family members can rest knowing their loved one is safe at a caring residential mental health center. Their loved ones can get the treatment they need without being marginalized or judged by their condition.

A residential mental health center offers a change of pace where a person can focus on getting better. They have 24/7 access to professionals who can respond to a situation before it escalates to an emergency.

Families are welcome to visit Rose Hill Center and see how we’re different from most residential facilities. Overcoming the challenges of a diagnosed mental illness is possibly the most important test of a person’s life. Knowing they have come to a place that supports their wellness goals will help them get the most out of their stay.

Treatment at Our Residential Mental Health Center

Our dedicated mental health team receives continuous in-service training for their specialized areas. This allows our mental health services to consistently meet the personal needs of each person who stays at our psychiatric center.

We offer treatment for a number of debilitating mental health conditions, including:

Most people find that our Residential Rehabilitation Services puts them on a long-term path of independence and stability. Around-the-clock supervision gives them access to various psychotherapy approaches that support their goals. During their time at our residential mental health facility, residents will also have access to meaningful activities that mirror a real-world environment. Responsibilities like housekeeping, kitchen work, horticulture, and farm animal care go a long way in preparing residents for post-treatment life.

Rose Hill Center is the place where anyone struggling with a mental illness can feel comfortable. We have private and semi-private rooms where people can live and grow.

Additional Support from Our Residential Mental Health Facility

We provide three levels of residential living for people ready to win the battle with mental illness. Our supportive, home-like setting allows people to live independently.

People who come to Rose Hill Center for help can transition to greater levels of responsibility and independence. Improvement is possible with enough time and targeted treatment. Ongoing support and assistance is often necessary but on a less intensive level.

After participating in the Residential Rehabilitation Services, some may need to continue with our Extended Residential Services. Daily care and monitoring continue at a different part of our campus.

Treatment may continue with our Transitional Living Services. Participation in this level of care serves as a bridge between residential care and returning to an independent lifestyle.

A Welcoming Place for Adults with Mental Illness

Rose Hill Center offers a welcoming environment that teaches people how to regain control of their lives. Contact us today at 866-367-0220 to learn how our residential mental health facility can help you or someone you love get on the road to recovery.