Treatment for substance use or mental health disorders takes many forms. Medical professionals may use a combination of evidence-based therapies alongside alternative methods. This comprehensive approach addresses the many different facets of a person’s health. Taking part in an exercise therapy services is beneficial for anyone trying to overcome substance abuse and/or improve their mental health. Find out how regular physical activity can help someone in rehab.

Why an Exercise Therapy Services Is So Helpful

Being physically active has a number of benefits. In addition to the physical ones, people who exercise enjoy mental health benefits as well.Exercise Therapy Services in Michigan.

An exercise therapy services can do the following:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promote more restful sleep
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Relieve symptoms of depression

One reason that some people fall into the substance abuse trap is an inability to cope with stress. They may not know how to handle stressful emotions in a positive way, so they turn to drug and alcohol abuse. This in turn has a negative impact on their mental health.

When they participate in an exercise therapy services, however, they’re able to relieve stress and anxiety in an all-natural way. Their bodies will produce feel-good chemicals that combat depression. Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol to cope with bad feelings, they can run, swim or walk it off. It’s also something they can do for life.

Participating in an Exercise Therapy Services in Rehab

Depending on the treatment center you choose, you may have various options in fitness therapy. Some facilities provide adventure-based therapies, while others keep it simple with quiet hikes through the woods. You may also take part in aquatic therapy or holistic practices, such as yoga and tai chi.

Any type of physical activity that you enjoy is helpful for managing negative emotions and stress. With regular practice, you’ll grow stronger, both mentally and physically.

A recreational therapy services, in and out of rehab, helps you focus on the present moment. In fact, people struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues often have a hard time with mindfulness. They constantly relive painful memories of the past or express a lot of anxiety about the future.

Whether it’s walking, swimming, surfing or practicing Pilates, an exercise therapy services is a healthy way to manage emotions.

Comprehensive Treatment in Peaceful Surroundings

Rose Hill Center is a residential psychiatric facility located on a beautiful, expansive 400-acre campus in Holly, Michigan. Our compassionate team of professionals believes in treating people first, mental illness second. While our main focus is treating people for mental health disorders, we also address the damage that drug and alcohol abuse causes.

For example, the services that Rose Hill Rehab Center offers include:

Getting treatment in a serene, tranquil setting where you have access to responsible medication management, individual and group therapy sessions could be the starting point to a more stable, healthy future. Call our caring team at 866-367-0220 today, and find out how we can help you move forward with your life.