Talk therapy can help people overcome a range of mental health and emotional issues. In fact, different types of psychotherapy can help them control or eliminate disturbing symptoms altogether. At Rose Hill Center, our residential psychiatric facility uses a range of individual and group evidence-based psychotherapies. We support all residents as they work toward personal growth. During their time on our comfortable and unconfined 400-acre campus, people participate in personalized intensive treatment that promotes living healthier lives.

How Different Types of Psychotherapy Help with Mental Disorders

Man lying on couch going through one of many types of psychotherapy offered at Rose Hill CenterAt Rose Hill Center, compassionate therapists and counselors lead different types of psychotherapy sessions. These professionals help residents address underlying issues that may have caused their mental health condition to develop.

Residents who participate in psychotherapy learn about the emotions and behaviors behind their illness. Through targeted, therapist-led mental health treatment, individuals learn how to solve or improve the problem. For instance, addressing issues such as divorce or job loss give the person a chance to regain a sense of control.

During our mental health services, residents learn healthy coping skills and problem-solving techniques for daily life issues throughout treatment. Removing all obstacles to growth opens a new path of living.

Types of Psychotherapy

Even if they suffer from the same mental illness, many residents respond differently to various types of psychotherapy. We use extensive assessments, evaluations, and testing to help us determine which approaches have the best chance of success.

Rose Hill Center provides talk therapy in different forms, including:

  • Individual counseling that gives residents time to talk one-on-one with a therapist. Each session lets them address unresolved traumas or feelings. The therapist uses different approaches and strategies based on the individualized treatment plan to help them.
  • Group counseling includes several participants who are usually experiencing similar challenges. As they work together to solve common problems, they begin to develop bonds that could potentially last a lifetime.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy helps individuals recognize and change certain behaviors. A person addresses unhealthy thoughts that affect their mood and/or actions. They learn healthy ways to replace those destructive patterns with constructive behaviors.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy is effective in treating different illnesses. The emphasis is on accepting and validating unhealthy behaviors, emotions, and thoughts. This is essential before residents and therapists can have honest discussions about balancing acceptance and change.

Using Different Types of Psychotherapy Approaches to Get Better

Mental health disorders can overtake a person’s life. He or she may feel like problems will never get better. There is a reason they have unexplained feelings of helplessness or sadness. The inability to cope with everyday problems or concentrate at work becomes overwhelming.

Mental health treatment associated with talk therapy can help a person deal with these problems. Understanding what makes a person feel depressed or anxious empowers him or her to change.

Few of life’s challenges will go away by avoiding the problems. Different types of psychotherapy can equip a person with more adaptive ways to cope with difficult situations.

Come to an Environment that Promotes Healing

As one of the nation’s leading long-term mental health facilities, Rose Hill Center offers residential psychotherapy in a peaceful environment. Anyone wounded emotionally or who feels life is too difficult is welcomed here.

We create a gentle and caring environment for people to engage with deep hurts that are hindering their lives. Our facility treats people with a range of conditions such as:

Don’t let your mental illness define you. Learn more about how different types of psychotherapy can help you through this difficult time. Call Rose Hill Center today at 866-367-0220.