Every day, more people fall victim to mental illness. Some of them never seek the treatment that they need, while others attempt to find treatment and have little success with traditional methods. In either case, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) can help people overcome certain mental health conditions. However, what is EMDR therapy, and how does it help?

What Is EMDR Therapy?

This woman is undergoing EMDR therapy, hence the light on her eye.EMDR is a relatively new type of interactive psychotherapy. Its main goal is to help people relieve psychological stress through eye movement. Some studies suggest that rhythmic eye movements lessen the emotional punch that some traumatic events carry. As a result, EMDR is a great option for people who struggle with mental health.

What to Expect in EMDR Sessions

An EMDR therapy services Holly, Michigan offers will typically involve people recalling their traumatic experiences. Meanwhile, therapists move their fingers or objects back and forth in front of their clients’ eyes.

While continuing the movement, therapists very gradually switch the subject from the traumatic incidents to more peaceful events. The goal is to help the brain reprocess the trauma so that it no longer causes fear and anxiety.

Keep in mind that not all therapists use finger or object movement. Instead, some of them focus more on the rhythmic aspect of EMDR. In these cases, they use musical tones, hand clapping, or toe-tapping for the clients to concentrate on.

At the start and end of each EMDR session, therapists ask their clients about their level of emotional distress. After a few sessions, the hope is that the ratings get lower and lower. Eventually, the clients can recall the trauma with little to no emotional distress.

Does EMDR Only Work for PTSD?

When people hear about EMDR therapy, they typically hear of therapists using it to treat PTSD. While EMDR is great for people who struggle with PTSD, it can treat other mental disorders as well. For example, some centers use EMDR as part of their depression treatment services.

Additionally, it’s not uncommon for mental health centers to use EMDR to treat panic attacks and anxiety. The reason why is that trauma can be the underlying cause of these types of mental health disorders. By addressing the trauma, the treatment facility aids the recovery process.

Is EMDR Effective?

Like any other form of therapy, EMDR doesn’t work for everyone. However, clinical studies show that EMDR therapy has no negative side effects. As a result, it’s a safe therapeutic option for people to try whether it works for them or not.

Despite that, EMDR has a fairly high success rate with certain mental illnesses. Those with depression and similar disorders notice an improvement in their levels of emotional distress. With a high success rate and no negative side effects, it’s no wonder why mental health facilities offer EMDR.

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