Someone with a specific tool sees it as the solution to every problem, to paraphrase psychologist Abraham Maslow. Talk therapy is the primary tool in treating substance abuse and mental illness and has been for a long time. Yet, a person is more than a brain or mind. Treating the whole person calls for more than one tool, which is where a holistic therapy services enters the picture.

Holistic Therapy Services in Michigan

At the big picture level, a holistic therapy services aims for a balanced approach in treating the mind, body, and spirit. Substance abuse doesn’t just damage the mind or emotions. It also damages the body. It follows that a person’s spiritual well-being also suffers as a result of substance abuse.

Depression is one symptom of alcohol abuse. Depression can cause someone to become hopeless. In essence, they lose faith in the possibility of good things coming their way. It’s a very short step from there to losing faith in everything.

TreatmentsHolistic therapy services in Michigan.

The treatments in a holistic therapy services vary, but most share some common features. They provide chances for improved physical health, improved mindfulness, or improved self-awareness. In some cases, you see a combo of features.

Wilderness therapy, for example, includes all three features. You spend time walking/hiking out in nature. That provides exercise for your body. You must stay in the moment to avoid obstacles and minor chances for injury. It also takes you out away from the things that distract most people from self-reflection.

As an added bonus, it puts you back in touch with nature. Many people find this an excellent way to reconnect with their spiritual beliefs. Some other common holistic treatments include yoga, animal therapies, music therapy, and art therapy.

Benefits of a Holistic Therapy Services

Holistic services offer a range of benefits. For example, by treating a person’s physical health, they rejoin their regular life better equipped to handle work or family obligations. Someone who feels hopeful about the world is less likely to fall back on drugs or alcohol to shore up their emotional state.

Some people find that the standard approach of sitting and talking about some of the worst moments in their lives doesn’t work. The prospect of discussing those events while doing something physical makes the initial conversations easier. You aren’t the whole focus of attention, so you feel less exposed.

A holistic approach also supports more traditional mental health treatment and even a humanistic therapy services. Improving your overall sense of health and well-being makes all of the other challenges less overwhelming.

Use of Holistic Therapy in Rehab

Holistic services don’t replace traditional rehab therapies. They support and reinforce the traditional approaches. Some of the more common traditional therapies you’ll participate in include:

These therapies often help you identify the roots of your substance abuse. They also arm you with strategies to help you avoid old routines and triggers.

Rose Hill Center

Rose Hill Center provides a comprehensive residential rehabilitation services. We use both a traditional approach and a holistic therapy services. This helps ensure all of their clients get the best chance at long-term recovery.

Don’t let your substance abuse become the defining truth of your life. You can overcome it with help from a drug rehab services. Call 866-367-0220 to see if Rose’s Hill holistic therapy services is the right path for your recovery.