Is substance abuse or a mental illness making your life extremely difficult? Moreover, are you struggling to find your path in life? If so, Rose Hill Center offers an existential therapy program for our clients.

What is An Existential Therapy Program?

Specifically, existential therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on making the right choices, being true to yourself, and personal responsibility. This can be very beneficial for those who need mental health treatment.

At Rose Hill, we understand that mental illness and substance abuse can be overwhelming, and devastating, on your life. However, our existential therapy program will teach you that you cannot control everything in life, but you can make conscious choices and take responsibility for your actions.

Psychotherapy In Combination With Various TreatmentsWhat is an Existential Therapy Program?

Our psychotherapy program will combine with a variety of other treatments to ensure you have a complete recovery. For example, further programs at Rose Hill, along with our existential therapy program, include:

Your specific concerns and needs will help us determine which specific route of treatment you will receive. Furthermore, this program will be custom to your unique experience with mental illness or substance abuse. We offer treatment for a variety of mental health problems, such as schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder among others. Along with our existential therapy program, you will learn how to overcome these challenges in your life while making better, more positive decisions.

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Your overall wellbeing, safety, and comfort are our top priority at Rose Hill Center. In fact, our staff has the experience and training to guide you to a better place in your life.

With our existential therapy program, we’ll help you align the choices you make each day with your personal values. This will give you a greater sense of fulfillment so that you can live your life authentically without depression or anxiety. For more information about this program, call Rose Hill Center today at 866-367-0220. Regain control of your life today at our mental health treatment center in Holly, Michigan.