At Rose Hill Center, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective tool for helping residents achieve stability and embrace independence. Our therapists employ CBT to help you become more aware of negative thought patterns and behaviors, empowering you to change them for the better. This therapy helps you or someone you love deal with daily life more effectively.

About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Woman Engaged in Cognitive Behavioral TherapyWhen it comes to mental health treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most effective psychotherapy approaches. It teaches you how to navigate life’s daily obstacles. By making these improvements, your mental condition also shows positive change.

CBT helps you identify specific challenges in your life and how to cope with them. It’s useful in many ways, including:

  • Managing symptoms of mental illness
  • Dealing with life stress
  • Managing emotions
  • Resolving relationship problems
  • Improving communications
  • Overcoming emotional trauma after abuse or violence
  • Managing chronic physical symptoms

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Delivery Methods

A therapist generally conducts CBT in one-on-one sessions or in group therapies involving family members or peers with similar issues. During your sessions, you’ll learn about your mental health condition as well as techniques for relaxation, stress management, coping, resilience, and assertiveness.

During your first cognitive behavioral therapy session, you and your therapist get to know each other. The therapist asks questions about you and what you’d like to improve in your life. The questions may delve into your emotional and physical health history. You can also ask your therapist questions to ensure you understand the process.

Future CBT sessions may involve talking about your thoughts and feelings. Some people find it hard to open up at first. However, as you gain confidence and feel more comfortable, you’ll find it easier to share with your therapist.

As you progress through your treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy will help you identify problems in your life and set goals to solve or reduce those problems. You’ll learn about your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about those problems and share them with your therapist. During the process, your therapist will help you identify negative thoughts and behaviors so that you can reshape them for a positive outcome.

Although it’s an important part of your treatment at Rose Hill Center, CBT doesn’t stand alone. Other treatment methods combine with cognitive behavioral therapy for your best results.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Other Therapies at Rose Hill Center

Located in Holly, Michigan, Rose Hill Center provides a variety of therapies and treatment methods for you to live and grow beyond your problems. Rose Hill Center mental health services for a variety of conditions, including:

If you or someone you love needs help overcoming a crippling mental health disorder, our compassionate professionals can open the door to a better life. Call Rose Hill Center now at 866-367-0220.