At Rose Hill Center, we believe that you shouldn’t struggle alone with a mental illness. However, many people do. About one in five adults in the U.S. have a mental health disorder, and some are afraid to get help. Understand that there’s nothing shameful about seeking treatment for a mental illness. Your psychological health is part of your overall wellness. That’s why we use a psychotherapy approach to help our clients reach their full potential.

Group and Individual Therapy

Woman Engaging in Psychotherapy CounselingWhether you’re suffering from depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, substane abuse or another condition, you can take advantage of recovery-based group and individual therapy at Rose Hill Center.

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we look at your specific situation and develop a treatment plan to help you get your life back.

Our approaches to psychotherapy aim to treat the whole person, and we often use them in conjunction with medication management. We make it our mission to involve you in the process so that you’re empowered to continue on the path to recovery.

Discover Yourself Through Psychotherapy

It makes sense that someone with a psychological disorder might also have a substance abuse problem. When you can’t get a hold of your emotions or thoughts, numbing your physical and mental sensations can bring temporary relief. Unfortunately, this isn’t a permanent solution, and it usually causes more harm than good.

Our approaches help you develop better self-awareness. Through a connected relationship with your therapist, you can also learn more about the motivations that drive your behavior. You may also uncover the ways in which you learned certain behaviors. Understanding why and how you have been conditioned to respond a certain way to specific triggers can help you readjust your behavior. Our co-occurring substance abuse disorder treatment services help you get comprehensive care.

Create Meaningful Relationships

At Rose Hill Center, you’ll build profound relationships with yourself and others. We draw on the following psychotherapy approaches to help you regain control of your life:

Psychoanalysis involves changing problematic actions by unearthing the thoughts and motivations that drive them. It examines the interaction between unconscious and conscious mental components to help you understand what drives your behavior. Gaining this insight can help you structure your life going forward.

Behavioral therapy looks at learned actions. You behave a certain way because you’ve been conditioned to do so. Understanding the way that you respond to situations can help you change self-destructive activities.

Cognitive therapy entails exploring the thoughts and feelings that drive behavior. If you can change your thought patterns, you can also change your behavioral routines.

Humanistic therapy is vital to our approach at Rose Hill Center. It recognizes that you have the power to create your own reality. We strive to support our clients as they work through the treatment approaches that work best for them. Our rehabilitation services focus on helping residents engage in meaningful daily routines in order to help them develop rewarding and supportive relationships.

We believe that there are many paths to recovery. Finding the right mental health treatment services is crucial to your ongoing success. Our integrative approach to therapy blends many philosophies to effectively help our clients.

Don’t let your mental illness control your life. Our high-quality rehab center will help you structure your life around empowering activities so that you stop feeling helpless. Contact us at 866-367-0220 to begin your transformation.