Mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder lead to problems throughout your life. Seeking help from a mood disorder treatment services in Holly, Michigan restores your mental balance, happiness and productivity for freedom from your changing moods. At Rose Hill Center, you gain the coping skills, therapy, medication and other treatments you need to live with greater stability and fulfillment.

Why You Need a Mood Disorder Treatment ServicesWhat is a mood disorder treatment services?

Mood disorders, also called affective disorders, include a range of diagnoses with the common characteristic of mood disturbance. About 40 million Americans suffer from one of these conditions, with the most common being depression and anxiety. If you count yourself among these people suffering the daily struggles of depression or other mood disturbances, a mood disorder treatment services in Michigan provides the help you need.

In people with a mood disorder, brain neurobiology imbalances. This sometimes happens because of environmental factors, such as trauma or grief. It also happens during or after long term substance abuse. For many people, their mood disorder is possibly genetic.

Whatever the origins of your mood problems, you need help bringing your brain chemistry back into balance. You also need to learn about your disorder, its signs and symptoms, and how to cope with your changing moods. You must gain clear understanding of the problems caused by drinking or doing drugs to self-medicate your condition, too.

Another important aspect of your treatment is learning how proper nutrition and physical activity affect your moods. For example, exercise increases serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, your brain’s feel good chemicals. At the same time, you learn about your co-occurring conditions and how to treat those, as well.

Medication in Your Mood Disorder Treatment Services

Medication plays a big part in your mood disorder treatment. It also plays a big role in your future. So through your mood disorder treatment services, your doctors and therapists work with you to find the right medication at the proper dose for your specific needs.

This help includes observation of any side effects you experience. You also gain consistent reporting of how the medications affect you. Through these observations and some trial and error, your treatment providers find the best medication for your needs.

Therapy and Other Methods of Treatment

Along with medication therapy, you need a range of talk therapies, education sessions and individual counseling to help you regain a happy, stable life. Most people with mood disorders benefit from behavioral therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy. In these sessions, you learn the connection of your thoughts and feelings to your moods. You learn to change negative thinking patterns to positive ones, thereby improving your overall outlook in life.

You also undergo one-on-one counseling to get to the root of any problems adding to your mood disorder problems. If you suffered trauma, abuse or other problems in childhood or recent years, addressing those can help you resolve some of your depression.

Of course, it is very important that you gain coping skills for dealing with your disorder, maintaining proper medication and enjoying daily life. You work on improving your self-image and self-confidence, so you can enjoy a more authentically positive life. Much of this learning and progress occurs in group therapy, too.

Mood Disorder Treatment Services in Holly, Michigan

Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan provides a quality mood disorder treatment services. There, you gain the mood disorder therapies, medication and other care you need for a better future.

At the same time, you undergo treatment for any co-occurring conditions you suffer, such as anxiety or substance use disorder. Rose Hill Center offers other types of mental health treatment, too. These include a quality schizophrenia treatment services.

Therapies and services of Rose Hill Center include:

At Rose Hill Center, you receive a mix of individual, group and family therapies. These therapies help you find mood balance you need today along with the stability you need for the future. To learn more about Rose Hill Center’s mood disorder treatment services in Holly, Michigan, call Rose Hill Center now at 866-367-0220.