Living with any psychiatric disorder can seem like an uphill battle for both the impacted person and their loved ones. Misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment will only complicate a mental health issue. Staying at a psychiatric residential treatment facility allows time for diagnostic clarification while providing treatment that gives hope.

Located in Holly, Michigan, Rose Hill Center offers a broad scope of mental health services and multiple levels of care. Our “people first, mental illness second” approach provides patients with an individualized treatment experience.

Our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Offers a Unique Approach

Man who needs help from a psychiatric residential treatment facilityRecognizing the need for mental health treatment is a courageous step toward a more positive future. Our JCAHO accredited psychiatric residential treatment facility offers comprehensive care in a supportive environment. From our 400-acre campus to our exceptionally trained staff, Rose Hill remains committed to delivering the best in mental health care.

Residential care at Rose Hill Center allows individuals time to practice and strengthen the skills they learn. We’ve designed our mental health services to ensure residents progress toward lasting stability.

Engagement Adds to the Therapeutic Process

Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is vital to living a healthy life. During their time at our psychiatric residential treatment center, residents don’t simply sit around. Along with evidence-based therapy sessions, they also take part in meaningful activities that support their personal growth. For instance, our horticulture and animal farm services encourage residents to develop valuable coping and life skills.

Why a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility is Effective for People with Mental Illness

A psychiatric residential treatment center offers long-term, high-quality care for individuals with psychological disorders. The structured, home-like setting contributes to a person’s sense of healing. The advantages of residential care exceed other mental health care settings in many ways.

At Rose Hill Center, our compassionate professionals view each person as a unique individual, even if they have the same condition as another resident. Treatment focuses on their strengths and weaknesses in a judgment-free environment.

Individualized treatment goals target the unique needs of residents. Where their lives were once filled with debilitating symptoms, they now develop self-care habits. This occurs in a supportive, structured environment so they can recover from the mental illness. Respecting the needs of others staying at the facility is important as they begin transitioning to life after treatment.

A Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center that Promotes Lasting Change

A primary goal of our psychiatric residential treatment facility is promoting positive, sustained mental health. Meaningful activities and developing nurturing relationships provides each person with hope for a better life. Our accredited facility has helped many people end destructive behaviors and strive for lasting stability.

We offer various forms of mental health treatment, including:

Don’t let mental illness control your life. You can overcome the distressing symptoms by coming to our quality facility. Contact us today at 866-367-0220 to begin your journey to a new life.