Some people consider mental illness to be a taboo subject. However, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, nearly one in five Americans struggle with some type of mental disorder each year. Despite this alarming statistic, many people don’t seek the appropriate mental health care services.

Some people mistakenly believe that their condition is simply a character flaw, while others believe that their illness is beyond help. However, mental health disorders are treatable.

At Rose Hill Center, we offer transformative, evidence-based treatment recovery plans for a variety of mental health issues. We focus on helping people overcome symptoms in order to achieve lasting independence.

How to Recognize a Mental Health Disorder

Young woman in need of comprehensive mental health careEarly detection and intervention are fundamental to treatment success. However, recognizing a mental health disorder might be difficult if a person can function in their daily lives. The severity of the mental condition also plays a role.

Paying attention to sudden behavioral changes is especially important. The onset of several symptoms related to mental illnesses and personality disorder types means a person should be assessed.

Family members who notice changes in their loved ones may initially deny the warning signs. However, acknowledging the warning signs can help loved ones regain stability.

Warning Signs a Person Needs Mental Health Care

Since each mental illness has symptoms specific to its condition, an accurate diagnosis is crucial to receiving the right treatment plan.

Warning signs to look for include:

  • Depression that continues for an extended period
  • Major changes in sleeping or eating habits
  • Confused thinking
  • Delusions or hallucinations
  • Unable to perform daily tasks
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Unexplained physical illness

Determining the Best Mental Health Care

During mental health services at Rose Hill Center, professionals collaborate to develop the most appropriate treatment plan. Personal circumstances and the stresses of daily life contribute to selecting a good treatment plan. The current mental and physical state of the person could mean residential care is best.

Receiving Mental Health Care at a Residential Treatment Center

Mental health treatment in a residential setting should include structure while not confining a person to the facility. A person’s daily schedule depends on the focus of treatment but generally includes specific activities.

Some people have daily group and individual sessions such as cognitive behavioral therapy and proper nutrition advice. Coping methods and living skills may also fill their day in a residential services.

Personal time to reflect and meditate is also part of a good treatment plan. Our goal at Rose Hill Center is to put the person’s needs first. We want to help them overcome the restrictions a mental illness has on their life.

It’s Time to Start Living Again

You don’t have to feel ashamed if you’re suffering from a mental health disorder. This treatable condition does not define you. At Rose Hill Center, we provide mental health care for many types of illnesses including:

Individualized therapy and counseling is based on your specific needs. Rose Hill Center also incorporates alternative treatment elements. We offer horticulture and animal farm services to develop coping and life skills.

Put an end to the isolation and stigma of your mental illness. A life of wholeness is just one phone call away. Contact us at 866-367-0220 to get started on a quality treatment plan.