Depression can make individuals feel like there’s a dark shadow over them that they will never escape. Although these feelings may seem permanent, high-quality depression treatment offers hope for change. Therapy, medication, and healthy lifestyle changes can help individuals begin to live the life they desire. Our Michigan mental health treatment center provides a safe environment for residents to address the painful challenges of depression. Contact us at 866.367.0220 today to learn more about our compassionate treatment. Man sits on couch with his arms crossed as he talks to professional about depression treatment

Life-Changing Severe Depression Treatment in Michigan

Severe depression is marked by a persistent low mood. The symptoms may be so overwhelming that people struggle to function in major areas of their lives. For some individuals suffering from severe depression, activities they once loved are no longer enjoyable.

This state of depression is more than just a bad day or a passing blue mood. Symptoms can last for several months— or even years—and may vary among different individuals. Signs may include:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
  • Increased fatigue
  • Thoughts of suicide or death

Factors like major life changes, trauma, genetics, and drug or alcohol abuse can all contribute to the development of depression. Conflicts at work or with interpersonal relationships can also factor into an individual’s profound sadness. Additionally, many individuals with depression also suffer from anxiety.

Treatment for depression should be comprehensive, specialized, and involve extreme attention and care. At Rose Hill Center, our professionals customize treatment protocols to address the entire person and not just the disease. We work closely with individuals to guide them toward lasting independence and stability.

Options for Depression Treatment

When it comes to depression treatment, there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” cure. Furthermore, not all residents will have the same symptoms. The severity and frequency of an individual’s depression dictate how treatment unfolds.

A comprehensive intake process helps our professionals gather information and make a proper diagnosis. Once diagnosed, our professionals collaborate with residents to determine the appropriate level of care and combination of mental health treatment approaches. For instance, if individuals are struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders, our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Service would be beneficial.

Lifestyle Changes Can Support Depression Treatment

Depression treatment may also involve making certain lifestyle changes. For example, an individual who takes recreational drugs or drinks alcohol should avoid these substances. Mental health services that combine drug and alcohol treatment are more effective in treating the who person.

The temporary relief from consuming either of these substances is misleading. Once the drugs or alcohol wears off, symptoms can become more severe. Instead of helping, these substances can make depression more difficult to treat.

Eating a good diet and staying physically active are more lifestyle changes that can make a remarkable difference. Regular exercise increases endorphins, which can relieve the heavy weight of depression. Giving the body enough sleep is another essential component of an individual’s mental and physical health.

Get Help Now from Rose Hill Center

Rose Hill Center helps individuals change their lives through unique mental health services that focus on the total person. We dig deep to get to know you while staying by your side with a customized treatment plan.

Our levels of care include:

We’re dedicated to working with you to uncover the root cause of the prolonged unhappiness that is consuming your life. We understand the pain that has contributed to unhealthy life patterns, and we’re here to tell you that there is a brighter future ahead. Through the right mental health therapies and coping skills development, you can achieve a new beginning.

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