One of the greatest advancements in therapy since the end of the last century is radically open dialectical behavior therapy in Holly Michigan (RO-DBT). RO-DBT helps people who suffer life-damaging control issues so they can live a freer life. Having some self-control is good for you, but too much restricts your life in many ways. So through RO-DBT, people with OCD, perfectionism, and other conditions enjoy more fulfilling lives.

What is Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Holly Michigan?Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Holly Michigan

Radically open dialectical behavior therapy in Holly Michigan sounds complex. But this evidence-based therapy provided at Rose Hill Center works well as anxiety treatment Holly Michigan offers. RO-DBT helps people who have too much self-control. In other words, it helps people who hold back too much on their own natural urges, wants, needs, and emotions.

Conditions treated through RO-DBT include:

  • OCD
  • Chronic depression

People with these conditions over-control themselves because they focus more on achieving long term goals than living in the moment. They control their emotions and impulses so much that they do not relax or allow themselves to live freely. This leads to intense inhibition, caution, and perfectionism that ruins their relationships and social interactions.

How Does Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy Work?

Radically open DBT is just one of the mental health services you receive at Rose Hill Center when you seek treatment for OCD or other over-controlling conditions. This type of DBT focuses on three key concepts of openness, flexibility, and social connection. By helping you open yourself to less self-control and greater life engagement, radically open DBT brings great change and even ends your misery.

Through radically open dialectical behavior therapy, you learn better communication skills and open emotional expression. These skills form the basis for healthy social bonds. In fact, you stop feeling isolated, lonely, and distressed. Through greater emotional expression with others, you develop greater trust in social environments and start seeking out more opportunities to connect with others.

RO-DBT, like other types of cognitive behavioral therapy, takes place over a limited period of time. This time period usually includes about 30 sessions involving therapy and skills development. You learn real skills to fix your social problems and put them to use right away.

Why do People Suffer From Over-Control?

Over-control comes from your genes, social experiences, and family history. You suffer high sensitivity to threats, feel little need for self-reward, need to heavily control your life, and focus too much on detailed processing. In other words, you come into this life servicesmed for many of these behaviors. Problems you experience and learn about in radically open dialectical behavior therapy include:

  • High awareness of difficult things in life
  • Great sensitivity and high anxiety overall
  • Intense self-control and hyperawareness
  • Reduced positive emotions

When you suffer these traits, you also take cues from your environment to grow in your over-control. You develop a negative point of view, including beliefs that you must not make mistakes, cannot show weakness, must remain in control at all times, and must win in everything. This can all be discovered through radically open dialectical behavior therapy.

Help for Over-Control of OCD, Chronic Depression in Holly, Michigan

If you suffer from OCD, chronic depression, you likely also suffer over-control. This limits your life and only fuels your behavioral health problems. But you can live a better life with freedom from your self-controlling behaviors and the problems they cause. You simply need exposure to the right treatment, including:

You benefit from all of these services options in radically open dialectical behavior therapy in Holly Michigan at Rose Hill Center. Call Rose Hill Center now at 8663670220 to learn more about available services and putting your over-control behind you. You deserve a happier, more relaxed and socially rich life.