Rose Hill understands that individuals suffering from mental health issues may have more than one psychiatric diagnosis. It is important for these individuals to get help from an organization that understands their complex history and the treatment that they need. Rose Hill Center believes that treating the whole person gives individuals the best chance of lasting recovery.

What Is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

Group Getting Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorder Treatment

A co-occurring disorder refers to a condition when someone has two or more disorders at the same time. Just like anxiety and depression can occur simultaneously, many mental health issues are complex and multi-faceted. If people already have a mental illness diagnosis, it’s not uncommon for them to develop additional disorders too.

Co-Occurring Treatment

When it comes to co-occurring treatment, it’s important to note that no two individuals experience treatment in the same way. Everyone is different and therefore responds to mental health treatment differently. At Rose Hill Center, our clinical staff works hard to determine the best treatment options for our residents.

While we use different treatment methods for each disorder, some treatment methods overlap. Talk therapy is a great option for nearly any kind of mental disorder. Some proven approaches also include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Psycho-educational and 12-step group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Radically Open Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing

Let Rose Hill Center Help You With Co-occurring Conditions

Mental Illness with One or More Secondary Mental Illness Diagnoses

Rose Hill Center’s clinical team works with adults with complex psychiatric disorders. Offering compassionate, comprehensive, individualized psychiatric treatment, our credentialed and experienced staff helps residents manage their symptoms. Using intensive and supportive therapies, Rose Hill’s services are designed to address the compound layers of co-occurring mental illness, and help those living with multiple psychiatric diagnoses learn to lead more independent lives.

Mental Illness with High Functioning Autism

Support for adults with a mental illness and a diagnosis of high functioning autism spectrum disorder are among the co-occurring services offered at Rose Hill Center. Specialized group and individual treatments provide therapeutic and educational services that assist these individuals learn to manage both conditions, and go on to pursue meaningful life goals. An autism specialist works closely with residents using integrated and experiential therapies which help develop the skills necessary to control mental illness symptoms while concurrently developing communication and relational skills.

Mental Illness with Substance Use Disorder

Complex co-occurring mental illness disorders can at times be complicated with substance use. Recognizing this relationship, Rose Hill provides services for adults with mental illness who have a history of having struggled with drugs and alcohol. Our integrated services can improve outcomes by including a structured daily regimen with a clear and consistent philosophy that fosters personal responsibility within a safe and empathetic environment.

Rose Hill Center does not provide detoxification, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), or services to individuals who currently use substances, and requires that that individuals have not used substances for a minimum of two weeks prior to admission. We understand that substance use disorder must be treated and managed for life.

During our Co-Occurring Services, we treat our residents with the compassion, care, and the respect that they deserve on the road to recovery.

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