Doctors are continually learning more about mental health, which is making treatment access easier for individuals. Physical and mental health are intricately linked, and it’s important to focus on healing both. Although outpatient services may work for some people, at Rose Hill Center, we aim to concentrate on helping the whole person through residential services that help residents transition to independent living. We’ve designed our mental health treatment services to cater to individuals with a wide variety of mental disorders. No matter what you’re dealing with, professionals at our behavioral health center can help you achieve lasting recovery. Of course, you may need support, tools, advice, and assistance to function independently, meaningfully and successfully in your community.

Our Behavioral Health Center Philosophy

Group Therapy at Our Behavioral Health CenterOne of the most important aspects of our behavioral health center is that our compassionate professionals empower residents to take control of their own lives. This can be an overwhelming consideration when you feel like your mental illness is in charge of your daily activities. Our treatment services open you up to the idea that you can influence your own healing and create lasting change.

Multidimensional Paths to Recovery

There is more than one route to psychiatric stability. Healing from substance abuse or a mental disorder requires holistic treatment. Receiving professional psychiatric care is important. However, putting learned insights into practice is just as vital to your quality of life.

At Rose Hill Rehab Center, we use a variety of techniques to help you gain psychiatric stability and move toward an independent lifestyle. We offer five core mental health services, including:

Our behavioral health center services address the entire person. You’re not just a series of behaviors, and your identity is not based solely on your thoughts. The interplay between the way that you think, act, communicate, and interact with others comprises your well-being. If one of those components is out of balance, you may have trouble managing your mental illness. We’ll teach you how to live a fulfilling life, which will enable you to take your newfound knowledge and skills home with you.


Around-The-Clock Care at Our Behavioral Health Center

When individuals become residents at our facility, our staff is able to devote more attention and time to them. How can this help?

We recommend that residents stay in our residential treatment services for six to 12 months. Healing occurs individually and collectively. Your first month at the center involves an assessment period. During this time, we’ll work with you to understand the severity of your condition and your ability to function independently. Together, we’ll come up with a three-stage treatment plan, which is consistently reviewed, revised, and adjusted as you progress through the healing process. You’ll attend individual and group therapy sessions to support you and give you tools to continue toward stability.

Our medical professionals interact with residents every day. If a recovery technique is working, we can give you the support that you need to maintain its effectiveness. If something isn’t working, we can alter or adapt it to fit your needs. We understand that the healing process is delicate and continual. We’re here to support our residents through the process so that they can make the most of their stay.

Activities at Our Behavioral Health Center

While mental health treatment lays the groundwork for change, we also encourage our residents to enjoy themselves while they stay at Rose Hill Center. We have a state-of-the-art gym and workout facility where individuals can exercise, participate in team sports or take fitness classes. Residents can explore their creative interests with art and music classes. All of our residents will have access to the computer lab and library. They can also take continuing education classes at nearby educational institutions.

Work teams extend healing to daily activities and responsibilities. Our residents can work with housekeeping, kitchen, gardening, or farm staff to help keep the center running. This allows them to enhance their dependability and teamwork experience in a safe environment. Feeling successful in our work teams helps our residents build their confidence and create meaningful relationships.

Rose Hill Center treats every aspect of an individual with the goal of comprehensive healing. Residents live and grow in our care, and they have the freedom to get involved in the greater community as they progress. If you want to develop coping and living skills that take you out of survival mode and bring meaning to your life, call us at 866-367-0220 for more information.