Anxiety is a normal response to stress that occurs in our daily lives. In some situations, feeling anxious can be beneficial. It can alert us to dangers and also remind us to pay attention. Anxiety disorders, however, differ from normal feelings of anxiousness or nervousness. These issues require anxiety treatment in order to help individuals live normal and productive lives.

Rose Hill Center, a residential psychiatric facility in Holly, Michigan, offers comprehensive psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation services. We help individuals struggling with anxiety disorders learn new skills to better manage their lives.

What Type of Disorders Require Anxiety Treatment?

Women thriving in their independence following anxiety treatmentAnxiety disorders can cause a person to look for ways to avoid a situation that triggers or worsens symptoms. This extreme anxiousness can affect their personal and professional lives.

There are various types of anxiety disorders. Some of the most common include:

  • Panic disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Specific phobias
  • Generalized anxiety disorder

Medical professionals diagnose individuals with an anxiety disorder when their fear or anxiety is out of proportion to the situation. The inability to function normally is another indication that a person’s anxiety has progressed to an overwhelming level.

Relief Through Anxiety Treatment

Through compassionate and comprehensive anxiety treatment, individuals will see their quality of life improve. While some people respond positively to treatment after a few months, others may need more time. Treating more than one type of anxiety disorder or co-occurring conditions may also take longer. The mental health experts at Rose Hill conduct comprehensive assessments before discussing the proper individualized treatment plan.

Residential Anxiety Treatment

Many people who have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) have symptoms so overwhelming that daily functioning is nearly impossible. At Rose Hill Center, we believe that our Residential Rehabilitation Program is one of the most effective forms of intervention. Disorders deriving from anxiety are complex. Support and care as individuals work through challenges makes a tremendous difference. Our empathetic professionals ensure residents feel secure enough to stay and resolve problems.

The presence of one or more co-occurring disorder, early life trauma, or other stressors are usually uncovered during the assessment. As an alternative to our Residential Rehabilitation Program track, our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program gives residents who struggle with co-occurring conditions a safe environment.

In order to ensure that residents receive the proper care, the admissions staff at Rose Hill Center gathers pertinent information regarding physical and mental health. This information, combined with evaluation and assessment results, helps with designing a treatment plan to meet individuals’ needs.

Therapy Methods for Anxiety Treatment

Although emotions can serve important functions in a person’s life, unproductive emotions can lead to distress. An anxiety disorder can manifest in an incapacitating phobia, obsessive thoughts, unrelenting worries, or panic attacks.

Research shows that therapy is often the most effective option for treating anxiety disorders. Effective mental health treatment not only treats physical symptoms, but it also helps residents uncover underlying causes of their fears and worries.

For many residents who suffer from anxiety, psychotherapy is a good place to start. These treatments can teach a person how to control their anxiety levels, put an end to worrisome thoughts, and conquer their fears.

At Rose Hill Center, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a common psychotherapy that our professionals use to teach individuals how to apply emotional and cognitive skills to real-life situations. DBT tackles difficult and unhealthy emotions and helps people control them.

Counseling sessions become a welcoming experience for learning how to look at situations in less frightening ways. A person also develops better problem-solving and coping skills. At Rose Hill Center, not only does a person get tools for overcoming anxiety, but they also learn how to use these tools to navigate post-treatment life.

Take the First Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

Rose Hill Center has a huge 400-acre campus where people with anxiety disorders come to live and grow. Our integrated mental health programs and fulfilling daily activities can help you overcome debilitating mental health issues and achieve lasting independence.

Don’t wait to seek professional help for anxiety. There is a clear recovery path waiting for you. Call Rose Hill Center today at 866-367-0220.