Anger is a powerful emotion that stems annoyance, disappointment, frustration, or hurt. It’s normal to feel angry, but strong rage can be harmful when people don’t know how to adequately express it. At Rose Hill Center, residents learn how to identify and express anger properly through our anger management services. This services allows individuals to better handle emergencies, reach goals, and solve problems.

Suppressing Anger Is Dangerous

Man in Need of Anger ManagementBottling up anger can be counterproductive because it can cause anxiety and depression. It can also affect behavior and thinking patterns, which can also impact relationships.

A range of physical problems may even arise from suppressed anger, including digestive issues and headaches. Long-term suppression can cause heart problems, high blood pressure, and even skin conditions. Furthermore, not expressing anger may eventually lead to crime, drug abuse, and physical abuse.

Signs That People Need Anger Management

People who need help managing anger have persistent negative thoughts and focus on negative experiences. They constantly feel hostile and irritable. They also frequently argue with others, which only makes them more frustrated.

In some cases, people with anger issues threaten violence or become physically violent. They may have frightening behavior such as purposely driving recklessly or breaking objects. In other cases, they simply feel like they have to hold in their anger on a regular basis. That feeling makes them avoid situations so that they don’t also feel anxious or depressed about having an outburst.

How Counseling Can Help

Anger management teaches people to recognize the signs that they’re becoming angry. It also gives them tips and skills to calm down so that they can productively deal with situations. Rather than make them hold in anger or avoid feeling it, Rose Hill Center teaches them how to express it.

Through our services, clients learn how to talk about their needs. Rather than hide their feelings until they burst, they find out that talking about what frustrates them is better. With that knowledge, they can avoid hurtful actions and words, maintain relationships, and resolve conflicts.

Clients who discover how to manage and express their anger correctly can also preserve their health. Along with their physical health, they can protect their mental health. In addition, they can avoid abuse of drugs, food, or other things because their feelings remain in check.

What to Expect During the Services

Our anger management services may occur in one-on-one or group sessions during our Residential Rehabilitation Services. The length of treatment varies based on each resident’s needs. However, the services follows a general guideline.

First, our residents identify the triggers, emotions, and physical signs present when they start to get angry. It may take a few days for them to determine each of these signs. Then, they can begin to learn behaviors and different ways of thinking to cope with anger.

When residents have other mental health issues such as substance abuse, anxiety or depression, they need extra care. For these individuals, Rose Hill Center offers a Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Services that can address these issues alongside residents’ anger problems.

Rose Hill Center Can Show You How to Manage Anger

If you need help managing anger or have a mental illness, Rose Hill Center offers life-changing mental health treatment on our 400-acre campus in Holly, Michigan. Our team of dietitians, nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, and psychologists collaborate to provide tailored plans such as bipolar disorder and depression treatment.

As part of your services, you may receive a combination of behavior, cognitive and other therapies. You may also participate in yoga, mindfulness groups or other recreational activities. In addition, we offer work teams that teach residents coping and life skills needed for post-treatment success. They include:

  • Kitchen responsibilities
  • Housekeeping
  • Farm animal care
  • Horticulture

Don’t let angry outbursts ruin your relationships or put you or loved ones in danger. Get the help that you need to get your anger under control. Call Rose Hill Center now at 866-367-0220 to learn more about our mental health services.