Children with ADHD deserve proper treatment and guidance. However, what happens if you never received a diagnosis as a child or adolescent? There’s a good chance that you’re now dealing with a variety of problems. That’s where the Rose Hill Center ADHD treatment services can make a difference.

Is It ADHD?ADHD Treatment Services in Michigan.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) requires professional mental health treatment and care. However, without a diagnosis, you’re not getting the care you need. You may have struggled for years with the symptoms. Examples include a difficult time focusing on things, being impulsive in your actions, and having others consider you hyper.

It’s hard to go through school and college with this handicap. At work, the impulsivity can be an asset, but it can also lead to disciplinary actions. Maintaining romantic relationships can be tricky. Most importantly, you may feel like you’re continually struggling to keep pace with others.

An ADHD Treatment Services Emphasizes Whole-Person Care

It’s a common misconception that an ADHD treatment services consists of medication and little more. In contrast, at the Rose Hill Center, you work with therapists who see you as a whole person. You’re not just the ADHD. Therefore, they work with you on a variety of conditions that may be going along with this disorder.

For starters, there’s the possibility of anger management problems. Because you have trouble focusing, there’s a good chance that you don’t plan well. You frequently experience frustration. Over time, you develop a short fuse.

Friends might say that you have a hair-trigger temper. In reality, you need assistance with anger management and handling strong emotions. You might also have a difficult time with stress. You’ve tried to handle it as best as you could, but maybe you began relying on drugs or alcohol.

It’s not unusual for someone with undiagnosed ADHD to struggle with chemical dependency as well. Another aspect of the ADHD treatment services is an emphasis on mood disorder care. A mood disorder treatment services helps you manage depression or bipolar disorder. Some people may also struggle with anxiety and personality disorders.

Getting on Track

Rose Hill Center therapists recognize that it’s not just the ADHD that calls for treatment. Rather, there’s a host of co-existing conditions that may also need interventions. Experts use modalities such as:

  • Individual counseling, where you interact with a counselor who helps you understand the extent of your ADHD
  • Talk therapy as a way to talk through stressors you need help with
  • Group therapy for coping skills development and implementation
  • 12-Step group therapy for co-occurring substance abuse counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which encourages dysfunctional pattern recognition and change
  • Dialectical behavior therapy as a way to regain control over strong emotions that color your perception

One of the most successful aspects of the ADHD treatment services is mindfulness training. It helps people in recovery as well as those with strong emotions. You learn to examine situations without judgment. Doing so lets you accept your feelings without immediately acting on them.

It gives you a buffer between recognition and reaction. In the past, you might have dealt with the situation via an automatic response. Now, you practice restraint. That said, medication management might be part of the equation.

Help Is a Call Away

Choose residential treatment to get away from it all. It’s a great way to refocus and make changes. A successful ADHD treatment services is just a call away. Connect with Rose Hill Center therapists today by dialing 866-367-0220 now.