Our Mental Health Treatment Facility Promotes GrowthSince 1992, Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan has provided comprehensive mental health treatment to help individuals, 18 and over, overcome various disorders and embrace a new beginning. Each resident who makes the courageous decision to walk through our doors receives an individualized, multifaceted treatment plan. The key components include medication, professional psychiatric care, a full continuum of care, meaningful daily activity, and mutually supportive relationships.

Consistent Medication and Regular Medication Reviews

When treating conditions such as bipolar disorder or clinical depression, pharmacological support is crucial. While medication isn’t always the answer, there’s no question that some residents can benefit from a pharmaceutical approach.

At Rose Hill Center, we make sure that we administer the right medications in the right doses. Furthermore, we ensure regular schedules so that residents remain compliant with physician recommendations. More importantly, we regularly review exactly what medications are beneficial. Because situations can change quickly, tweaking both the dosage and the variety of medication is often a necessary part of recovery.

Professional Psychiatric Care

Medication alone isn’t enough to aid in recovery. Mental illnesses can be chemical, but they can also be rooted in a number of other causes. Professional psychiatric care and individually tailored therapeutic approaches are necessary to provide residents with insight, advice, and coping skills. Learning to manage an illness is a key part of experiencing a high quality of life.

Our therapeutic approaches can help adults, 18 and over, heal from an array of mental health disorders, including:

The Full Continuum of Care for Mental Health Treatment

Recovery is a process, and that process moves differently for everyone. At Rose Hill, we acknowledge the need for transitional services that help guide residents from intensive, 24/7 care to a more independent lifestyle.

Mental health treatment begins at either Residential Rehabilitation Service or in the Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Service. Many residents then progress to our Transitional Living Service. From there, it’s possible to settle into the support and guidance of our Community Support Service.

The Benefit of Meaningful Daily Activity

Mental health treatment at Rose Hill includes meaningful daily activity as a primary component. These activities promote the idea that all individuals feel and function best when they’re contributing something to society, learning something new, or otherwise being productive.

Central to Rose Hill’s Residential Rehabilitation Service is the belief that meaningful activity in a healthy environment helps-re-establish self-esteem and fosters recovery. Moreover, important to the service are the therapeutic work options that include farm animal care, housekeeping, kitchen, and horticulture.

Encouraging Mutually Supportive Relationships

There is a distinctly social aspect to mental health at Rose Hill Center. Whether residents are overcoming substance abuse or regaining confidence after severe anxiety, engaging in regular activities can encourage new social relationships. Shared community meals, fitness classes and scheduled outings bring fun and friendship into the recovery process.

If you’re an adult, 18 and over, who needs life-changing mental health treatment, then Rose Hill Center is ideal. Located in Holly, Michigan, Rose Hill offers a range of treatment services to choose from. Call 866-367-0220 and begin working to start living the life you deserve.