woman partaking in trauma-informed therapy services at Rose Hill CenterTrauma is one of the leading causes of mental illness in the United States. It is not uncommon for people who survive a traumatic event to develop chronic depression or an anxiety disorder like PTSD. With trauma-informed therapy at Rose Hill Center, you can begin to heal your life while building healthy coping skills as you strive for a brighter future.

No matter what you’ve gone through, your experiences do not define you as an individual. It can be difficult to separate yourself from your symptoms when you’re constantly surrounded by triggers. Getting away from it all to receive customized care in a residential rehabilitation service is one of the best ways to transform yourself from the inside out.

At our 400-acre rehabilitation center, our Rose Hill Center professionals help residents learn how to overcome their past, reclaim their present and build a healthy future. Our mental health service incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques, including detailed trauma-informed therapy services.

What Is Trauma-Informed Therapy?

Trauma can touch every aspect of a person’s life. A trauma-informed therapist will understand how your past experiences influence your current condition. People whose mental illness stems from trauma need specialized care based on the experiences that caused it. For anxiety, depression, or another psychological disorder, you need the help of a compassionate therapist.

You have most likely developed thought patterns and behaviors to cope with your trauma. The right therapist will recognize you as a whole person, not just a survivor or victim. You have moved past everything that has hurt you thus far, and now it’s time to start healing.

Whether helping a patient with depression or anxiety, therapists in trauma-informed therapy services in MI, stress priorities such as:

  • Safety
  • Trust
  • Peer support
  • Cultural awareness
  • Collaboration
  • Confidence-building exercises

Benefits of Rose Hill’s Trauma-Informed Therapy

For many people struggling with trauma, the thought of entering a new place can be scary. At our residential rehab in MI, you’ll be able to start the next chapter of your life feeling safe and secure. We know how nervous you may feel, and we’re ready to give you all the support you need to move forward.

Our service focuses on the individual. Our residents are all overcoming a wide range of problems, so you can learn from each other. Despite how isolating mental illness can be, you never have to feel unnoticed or alone.

Trauma-informed therapy ensures that your sense of safety and well-being is always our first priority. Our co-occurring rehabilitation service helps anyone who copes with more than one mental illness at a time to receive quality care in an understanding and compassionate community.

Additional Services and Support

We help our residents achieve independence and build confidence in recovery through a variety of activities, such as:

  • Housekeeping
  • Farm work
  • Horticulture
  • Team exercises
  • Life skill building

Patients at our residential rehab have access to 24-hour care and support. Whether you are in crisis or simply need a counselor to talk to, someone is always available to listen.

We also offer extended residential services in MI, or you may benefit from transitional care. This means that we will help you find employment and gain security after services. Recovery happens in steps. You can take the first one today. Contact Rose Hill Center at 866.367.0220 to learn more about our trauma-informed therapy services in MI.