One of the most popular mental health treatment services at Rose Hill Center is our Transitional Living Service. Designed to bridge the gap between residential care and independent living, transitional services cater to individuals who are ready for more responsibility. The environment remains safe and secure while easing the transition between a 24/7 service and a fully independent way of life.

Rose Hill’s Transitional Living Service

Horticulture as Part of Our Transitional Living ServiceThose who participate in Rose Hill Center’s transitional services will be living right on campus. However, the accommodation is far from clinical. Residential graduates reside with a roommate in townhouses that foster a community spirit. At the same time, however, this setting promotes a distinct sense of independence.

This accommodation style replicates a more traditional living environment. If the ultimate goal is to integrate into society or live with family members, we strongly recommend this transitional phase. Having a private space to call home offers more independence as well as more responsibility for everyday tasks. Residents work together to pay bills, plan meals, and clean their home.

Requirements for Meaningful Daily Activity

One of the key aspects of our Transitional Living Service is the requirement for meaningful daily activity. In this transitional phase, we ask all participants to schedule daily activity that adds value as well as a fulfillment of life. This typically includes education, paid employment, or volunteering in the community.

Meaningful daily activity takes up a minimum of 30 hours each week. This is a way to create purpose in life. It also shows participants that they can add value to society and to their community. This can boost self-esteem and help create a beneficial routine.

Resources Available to Residents

Although residents in our Transitional Living Service might work or attend school, they will still have access to all the wonderful resources at Rose Hill Center, including meeting with therapists and doctors on a regular basis.

Just a few of the resources and amenities that will be available to those in a transitional service can include the following:

  • Quarterly reviews of a custom treatment plan
  • 24/7 medical assistance and support
  • Weekly scheduled activities
  • Regular group and support meetings
  • Help with insurance and managing health benefits

Acceptance Into Our Transitional Living Service

Individuals enter our Transitional Living Service directly for our Residential Rehabilitation or Co-Occurring Service. This allows for a seamless transition from one part of campus to another. They may also need to confirm their choice of meaningful daily activity, demonstrate stability, and show that they’re ready for a semi-independent lifestyle within the service.

At Rose Hill Center, our Transitional Living Service provides a great bridge between 24/7 care and unsupervised living. Whether you struggle with mental health issues, substance abuse, or both, this service can help you or someone you love take the next step toward stability and a meaningful, healthy life. Call 866-367-0220 now to learn more.