Healing from a mental health disorder requires making meaningful behavioral and emotional changes. This leaves a person feeling unsure about what to do. Moreover, they struggle to find motivation for those changes to occur. Motivational interviewing in Holly Michigan can change that.

What is Motivational Interviewing?Overall Motivational Interviewing in Holly Michigan today

Overcoming struggles brought on by a mental illness depends on making changes that support healing. Therefore, a person needs concrete ways to replace emotions and behaviors damaged by their illness. It is difficult to reach this state in the midst of psychological distress.

Finding motivation to want to change can be even harder. Many therapeutic approaches can help them understand what they are experiencing. They can also learn skills for moving toward mental wellness. Having an internal desire to create change is equally important.

Motivational interviewing seeks to help a person explore their ambivalence to changing. The goal is to find and express that desire for making a change. This requires developing a plan for creating emotional and behavioral changes.

Doing so helps to strengthen the person’s confidence. They become open to making changes. Even the smallest of changes enhances their commitment to taking corrective actions.

Incorporating Treatment with Motivational Interviewing in Holly Michigan

Visualizing a future without mental health struggles becomes the impetus for creating change. Motivational interviewing teaches a person that they have the power for creating change. Intervention techniques during treatment help to motivate the person.

Using this method as part of adult counseling Holly Michigan offers for many benefits of success. Specifically, keeping motivational interviewing at the forefront guides the person through treatment. They learn ways to effectively manage the symptoms of their mental illness.

Even a spark for behavioral and emotional changes improves treatment outcomes. Therefore, a person finds a way to move forward with a healthy and happy life.

Process of Using Motivational Interviewing in Holly Michigan

The model used for motivational interviewing proposes change occurring in five stages. For example, these include:

  • Precontemplation – little or no motivation to change; believe change is not necessary
  • Contemplation – begin to see problems in behaviors but still unsure of change is necessary
  • Preparation – making a commitment to change problematic behavior; accepts responsibility that doing so is in their best interest
  • Action – person is ready to put action behind their commitment; they begin to actively change behaviors associated with their mental illness overall
  • Maintenance – this final stage is the beginning of developing some level of efficiency; the person actively practices techniques and strategies for at least six months to change their behavior

Techniques and Strategies

One common technique and strategy of motivational interviewing is O.A.R.S. The first letter in this acronym stands for open-ended questions. Asking open-ended questions facilitate dialogue for addressing the person’s condition. They must say more than “yes” or “no.’

Affirmations offer sincere commentary on the person’s efforts to get better. These acknowledge difficulties while promoting self-worth.

Reflective listening is taking a genuine interest in what the person says during sessions. The therapist shows a true desire to understand the person’s perspective.

The last acronym summarizes what was said. This shows that the therapist listened and can help a person move forward.

Rose Hill Center Can Help Ease Your Struggle

Motivational interviewing in Holly Michigan is just one aspect of treatment at Rose Hill Center. We offer comprehensive mental health services to help you grow and fully recovery.

For example, mental health disorders we treat include:

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