Lifestyle Management for Mental Health Treatment

man practicing lifestyle management by backpacking on a mountainTherapy services like group counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and neurofeedback therapy services in Holly, MI, play a critical role in helping individuals cope with their mental health symptoms. Lifestyle management activities at Rose Hill Center can support and reinforce the skills acquired in therapy sessions to minimize symptoms.

When you’re caring for animals, working in the kitchen, or tending a garden, you engage in a meaningful activity that adds value to your life. Your efforts through lifestyle management also contribute to the community around you. At Rose Hill Center, we emphasize activities like these because we know that the structure, skills practice, and socialization that they provide are useful for minimizing symptoms of mental health disorders.

Art and athletics are valuable additions to treatment as well. By engaging in music or sports, you can find an outlet for your thoughts and feelings. You may discover that you have a talent for painting or running. Even if you’re not a natural, working hard every day at increasing your skills may boost your self-esteem and strengthen your determination. Those are lessons that can spill over into all areas of your life, including symptom management.

Learning Lifestyle Management During Residential Care

If you’re struggling with severe mental health disorders, residential care provides an opportunity to focus on healing and managing your lifestyle. A residential setting will surround you with the support of professionals and other residents who have dealt with similar disorders. Residential care can particularly benefit those with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, schizoaffective disorder, and personality disorders.

Your time in residential rehabilitation services in MI will focus on helping you gain skills for successful living. During lifestyle management, learning to minimize your symptoms will be your primary goal, and you can focus all of your attention on it. A team of professionals will help you develop a plan that includes therapies and lifestyle tools.

Beneficial lifestyle activities for individuals in residential care include:

  • Yoga and working out
  • Music and art
  • Team sports
  • Plant and animal care
  • Kitchen and housekeeping work
  • Education and employment

During these meaningful activities, you’ll get to practice the social and emotional skills that you are learning in therapy. You will also bolster your self-esteem as you find solutions to problems, make meaningful contributions, and affirm your value to society.

Rose Hill Center Mental Health Programs

For mental health disorder treatment in Holly, MI, explore the services that Rose Hill Center has to offer. We have a 400-acre campus where you or your loved one can find hope and healing. At our facility, you can engage in activities like horticulture and animal farming. Not only will you develop hands-on lifestyle skills, but you’ll also get better at coping with struggles, expressing your emotions, and socializing with others.

At Rose Hill, we offer multiple levels of care, including:

In many of our programs, you’ll have opportunities to engage in daily jobs. These promote teamwork, responsibility, and life skills. Caring for plants, animals, and living spaces help with minimizing symptoms and fostering independence. Our facility also provides recreational activities like yoga, art, sports, and music. This blend of work and healthy recreation, offered in conjunction with therapy, can equip you with skills to manage your symptoms and live in a community with others.

Our residential mental health help is available for adults age 18 and over. You can learn lifestyle management through our services and therapies. Call Rose Hill Center at 866.367.0220 to discuss how disorder treatment in Holly, MI, can equip you or your loved one with the tools for successful living. Contact Rose Hill Center for the lifestyle management program in Michigan.