If a mental health disorder is stopping you from living life to its fullest potential, comprehensive individual counseling can help. During individual therapy at Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan, our compassionate professionals can help you make strides toward lasting independence.

Creating a Meaningful Relationship During Individual Counseling

Therapist comforting resident during individual counselingMental health issues can feel isolating. It can be really difficult for people when they feel like their loved ones don’t understand what they’re going through. At Rose Hill Center, our master’s level therapists understand residents’ unique struggles. During individual counseling, they work extensively with individuals in order to evaluate the root of their issues and start coming up with solutions.

Individual Counseling at Our Michigan Rehab Center Can Save Your Life

You can acquire the tools you need to achieve drastic life change during treatment at our Michigan mental health treatment center. If you choose us for your mental health treatment, you can expect transformative therapy sessions with an experienced and empathetic professional.

Regardless of your situation, our experienced professionals can help. Our mental health services feature multiple levels of care, including:

Some of the most common mental health disorders we treat at Rose Hill Center include:

Issues with Self-Medication

Many people struggling with a mental health disorder also self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Although in their minds this may seem like an effective way to cope, drinking or using drugs can lead to bigger problems.

Regular substance abuse can lead to increased tolerance, and from there, physical dependency. Once a user is physically dependent upon substances to feel “normal” or function properly, full-blown substance abuse is the next step. However, going through just drug or alcohol abuse treatment won’t be enough.

Individuals with co-occurring issues can benefit from our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Services. Our professionals understand that real change requires individuals to face their problems and learn healthier coping methods. Our qualified psychologists oversee individual counseling sessions that target individuals’ unique substance abuse triggers and recovery needs.

Start Working Toward Full Rehabilitation at Our Michigan Rehab

Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan, offers the comprehensive recovery methods that you need to turn your life around in drastic ways. Call us today at 866-367-0220 to learn which of our services is best suited to meet your specific needs.