Everyone’s path to mental wellness is different. At Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan, we recognize the need for multiple mental health services that can accommodate the needs and recovery timelines of all clients. Our Extended Residential Program is ideal for those who have completed our Residential Rehabilitation Program or Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Service but still desire ongoing support and staff assistance.

Progressing Through Recovery in Stages

extended residential serviceThose diagnosed with a mental illness can’t expect a miracle cure. Recovery often takes place in stages. Individuals generally transition from one form of treatment to a less intense one until they have reached their final goal, which is often to live an independent or semi-independent and fulfilling life in the community.

Accommodation in an Extended Residential Program

After completing residential programming, some residents may be ready to transition to a less intensive service. However, a Transitional Living or Community Support Program may still be out of reach. The perfect compromise may be to stay in one of the extended residential houses.

These residential homes are located on the Rose Hill Center campus, offering close proximity for all residents. Residents will be just steps away from our therapists and doctors, and includes 24/7 support staff. Residents will enjoy the same facilities and amenities as they did previously. However, they will be transitioning away from a more clinical environment and embracing a more traditional home atmosphere.

About Our Extended Residential Program

Our Extended Residential Program is provided for individuals who benefit from a moderate level of staff assistance to structure their days. These residents receive daily care, on-going supervision, and medication monitoring in a safe and supportive setting. Residents participate in structured daily activities, including organized social and volunteer activities that are selected by the group. This program can accommodate up to 17 residents and is licensed by the State of Michigan.

Each home provides:

  • Individualized supervision, as indicated clinically
  • Organized social and volunteer activities
  • Community meals
  • Medication monitoring in a safe and supportive setting

Extended Residential Rehabilitation Service residents focus on achieving meaningful daily activities in the community rather than on moving through stages. They are important contributing members of both Rose Hill Center and surrounding communities. Residents in this service make use of the amenities at Rose Hill including:

  • Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Gym and exercise rooms
  • Art and music classes

At Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan, our Extended Residential Program is just one path to recovery. Call us at 866-367-0220 to learn more about how we can help you overcome mental illness.