Attempting to overcome a mental illness requires you to manage daily stress and situations more effectively than you did in your past. It involves finding healthy ways to navigate through problems instead of giving in to them. You also need to develop a healthier life overall in order to fuel growth and a consistently positive outlook. During your time at Rose Hill, our professionals will help you develop positive coping skills to help you deal with life’s issues.

What Are Coping Skills?

Woman developing coping skills during mental health treatmentCoping skills are daily strategies that we all use to manage both positive and negative external situations. However, many people with a mental health disorder don’t know how to properly deal with these events, particularly if the events are negative. Coping skills are essential to managing mental health disorders and building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Learn From Your Mistakes

No matter how healthy you are in life, you will make mistakes. We all do. There’s nothing wrong with these mistakes. However, you do need to learn from them and take ownership of them, despite the potential urge to deflect blame onto someone else.

Besides admitting our mistakes, we must take actions to fix them and learn from them. This process can’t include shame, guilt, or ego.

Taking ownership of your mistakes takes the momentum out of the pendulum swing between blaming others for our faults or riddling ourselves with shame. You learn balance and that life is not just black and white. There’s no shame in making mistakes, particularly when you learn from them and take steps to make them right.

Take Ownership of Your Actions

When we struggle with problems, it feels easier to blame others for those problems. Pointing a finger takes the stress of our situation off of us for a moment. However, that’s only for a moment. Rationalizing that we’re correct keeps us stuck in toxic behaviors that only create more problems in our lives.

Until you start taking ownership of your actions, you can’t start improving your life. Taking control over your attitude and actions shows you that changing your outlook and behaviors is possible. Taking ownership will also help you develop confidence when facing difficult situations. Remind yourself that you’re not defined by your mental illness and that your decisions belong to you.

Learn Healthy Anger Management Strategies

Being angry at others may feel good sometimes, but it’s not healthy or productive. It’s normal to feel angry sometimes, but acting on it takes up too much emotional energy that we need for ourselves. Effective anger management can transform negative feelings and promote better communication with others. Working to understand others will resolve issues in the present, but it will also facilitate stronger and healthier relationships in the future.

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude means being thankful for things others do and showing that gratitude by living positively. You must be grateful for the gifts you have in life. Being grateful creates greater enjoyment of life. Your outlook also becomes more positive and you gain momentum in the life you want.

Be Honest

Honesty is critical for lasting substance abuse recovery or positive mental health. Substance abuse and mental illness make it easy to be dishonest. So you must teach yourself to live with integrity in all things you do and say. Generally, life improves as your character improves.

Developing Coping Skills For a Better Life

Coping skills development doesn’t happen overnight. You have to practice being mindful and managing stress from everyday circumstances. This coping skills development practice begins in treatment at Rose Hill Center, a residential psychiatric facility located in Holly, Michigan.

Our mental health services include:

At Rose Hill Center, your treatment includes a variety of therapies for personal insights, coping skills development, and healthier thoughts and behaviors. Therapies include:

As you develop skills you need, you fulfill responsibilities, set goals, and also gain privileges.

Rose Hill Center can help you get on the right path for managing your mental health. Call Rose Hill Center now at 866-367-0220 for information about available services.