Woman Engaging in Horticulture as Part of Our Community Support ServiceEven after successfully completing our Residential Rehabilitation Program, some individuals may choose additional support as they reenter the community. At Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan, we acknowledge the need for help that extends beyond the scope of residential care. Along with our Transitional Living Program, our Community Support Program fosters successful independence and bridges the gap between living on campus and living independently.

The Need for Continuing Care

The stress of returning to the community without adequate support increases the likelihood of re-hospitalization. There is a clear need for some middle ground that helps residents transition safely from one environment to another.

Managing a mental illness requires a lot of support, and our Community Support Program provides exactly that. Even after completing treatment at our residential rehabilitation center, individuals will still have access to medication, education, and supervision, along with psychiatrist and case management appointments.

Reaching Out For Support

Professionals can adapt elements of our Community Support Program to meet all clients’ needs. The goal is that those at this phase of recovery will have some form of meaningful daily activity in place. This could be work, volunteering, or attending school. Clients can receive support as needed around their schedules.

As part of our Community Support Program, Rose Hill Center arranges consistent in-home visits. Each in-home visit confirms that clients are still on the right path to recovery. In addition, it offers treatment and care in a comfortable, familiar environment.

Determining Needs as Part of Our Community Support Program

Since each resident is unique, each individual will require different services at different intervals. Our Community Support Program is both flexible and customizable, allowing for a variety of service frequencies. Each visit and service is fee-based and meets the needs of the client, whatever they may be at any given time.

Available Services Through Our Community Support Program

Our Community Support Service helps individuals thrive with a range of beneficial resources. Sometimes, they simply need feedback or a visual confirmation of safety. In other cases, more hands-on work might be required. Some of the available services include the following:

  • 24-hour mental health support
  • Appointments with a psychiatrist or case manager
  • Medication education and supervision
  • Creating and reviewing treatment plans
  • Support, counseling, and advice

The Community Support Service at Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan, is an effective way to manage mental health and recovery. Call 866-367-0220 to find out more about mental health services designed to enhance independent living.