Struggling every day with a debilitating mental health disorder can be difficult on its own. When you add a drug addiction to the mix, it compounds the issue. Many individuals struggling with these co-occurring disorders don’t know where to go for help. Located in Holly, MI., Rose Hill Center puts our resident’s needs first during mental health and drug addiction treatment as they take the first step to lasting stability.

Becoming a Resident

Woman Struggling with Heroin Who Is in Need of Drug Addiction TreatmentTreating your dependency doesn’t involve a weekly meeting at a given facility. It’s our goal to treat your mind and body, which takes time and residential mental health services that take a multidisciplinary approach. As part of our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Services, we offer:

  • Private counseling
  • Group discussions
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Teamwork activities

During your time at Rose Hill, you’ll have the chance to start over. It allows you to grow in recovery without the pressures of everyday life.

More Than Drug Addiction Treatment

In most cases, drug addiction is merely a symptom of a bigger mental health issue. That’s why we offer co-occurring substance use disorder treatment instead of focusing exclusively on drug addiction treatment. In fact, we treat a variety of conditions that exacerbate addiction, including:

Most residents enter our facility with a current diagnosis of these disorder types. If you’re unsure of your situation, our staff can work with your medical professional to verify proper placement. We’re dedicated to finding you the right services, including treatment that may be separate from our offerings.

Building a Community During Drug Addiction Treatment

At Rose Hill Center, your peers will be allies in your recovery. You meet and bond with the professional staff, but there are also interactions with your group members. Learning about their challenges and victories gives you a chance to feel hopeful about your situation. Additionally, forging bonds with your fellow residents will make a difference in your recovery.

Our combination of mental health and drug addiction treatment relies on a support system that’s always changing. Initially, medical professionals help you. In time, your support comes from friends and family who love you unconditionally.

Discovering a New Side to Life

During your stay at Rose Hill Center, responsibilities like animal farming, horticulture, and kitchen work will help you gain effective coping and life skills. These skills translate into coping mechanisms and real-life talents that might pay off with a job or internship in the future.

Transitioning Home

Before we discharge you, several professionals will evaluate you to make you’re taking the appropriate next steps. Our facility doesn’t refer to the change as a graduation. Rather, it’s more of a transition. Because you’ll still have access to our compassionate professionals, the transition back home will be less overwhelming. Over time, you’ll come to rely on yourself and loved ones as you fully merge away from the treatment services.

Your recovery road doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Learn how Rose Hill Center can keep you moving toward lasting sobriety and stability. Call us today at 866-367-0220.