At Rose Hill Center, we realize that many people who suffer from a mental illness are also caught in the cycle of addiction. These co-occurring disorders require our comprehensive Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program.

Why Individuals Need a Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program

Scenic View of Our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program FacilityOur Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program helps individuals overcome both mental illness and addiction. Mental illness can cause problems with relationships, socialization, emotional expression, and makes maintaining sobriety more difficult. Likewise, a drug or alcohol addiction makes the mental illness worse. People with co-occurring disorders tend to isolate and lose touch with their emotions. Inadequate medical care in addiction exacerbates symptoms of co-occurring conditions, adding a higher risk of serious health concerns.

How Our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program Helps

During our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program, our qualified professionals address both the mental illness and addiction at once. During your stay at Rose Hill Center, you’ll undergo a combination of psychiatric care and addiction treatment to give you the best chance at lasting recovery. Under our care, you’ll learn how to manage your mental illness while gaining effective coping skills to prevent drug or alcohol relapse.

During our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program, we’ll help you:

  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Learn to express emotions in healthy ways
  • Practice self-control and learn coping skills
  • Participate in a variety of talk therapy sessions
  • Adjust to any necessary medications
  • Maintain physical health through proper nutrition and exercise

Mental illness and addiction are difficult to deal with. But you can enjoy a long, healthy and happy recovery from both of your conditions.

Compassionate Treatment You Can Count on

If you’re struggling through co-occurring conditions, you’ll be in good hands at Rose Hill Center. During your co-occurring disorder treatment, we’ll help you set personal recovery goals and formulate an ongoing plan. Your plan will include a mix of structured mental health programs, therapies, learning, and activities designed for lasting recovery.

Our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program includes:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • DBT and CBT therapies
  • 12 step group participation
  • Yoga and mindfulness
  • Recreational activities
  • Neurofeedback and EMDR, as referred

During mental health treatment at Rose Hill Center, you’ll experience an array of therapies and methods of psychiatry and addiction treatment. This ensures your best possible chance of lasting sobriety and stability of your mental illness.

If you or someone you love suffer from both mental illness and addiction, or believe you have co-occurring conditions, Rose Hill Center can help. Under Rose Hill’s compassionate care, you can gain the life you deserve. Call Rose Hill Center now at 866-367-0220 for more information about available programs and payment options.