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Mental Health Programs

Since 1992, Rose Hill Center has offered a variety of mental health programs for individuals, 18 and over, in search of lasting change. Each program focuses on managing mental health and overcoming illness. As one of the biggest mental health facilities in the entire nation, our full continuum of care makes it possible for people to get the help and support they need.

Mental Health Programs With an Emphasis on Recovery

At Rose Hill Center, we don’t believe in fitting individuals into a “one-size-fits-all” plan. After all, the goal is recovery. We’re committed to doing more than just helping you cope with your mental illness. We aim to empower you to strive for a fulfilling and healthy life.

As a Joint Commission accredited mental health treatment facility, we use a variety of methods and programs to help individuals achieve recovery. Using professional psychiatric care as the foundation, we also add life skills training and compassionate support. Our mental health programs address several debilitating disorders, including:

About Our Residential Rehabilitation Center

Residents who take advantage of a treatment at our residential rehabilitation center will have access to professional around-the-clock support. Upon intake, individuals undergo a 30-day assessment period which helps us develop a custom, individualized treatment plan for recovery. We then help individuals work toward that recovery plan with continued treatment, strategic life skills development, and enriching sober activities. Throughout their stay, we gradually entrust individuals with more responsibilities and increased privileges.

Dual Diagnosis Rehabilitation Program

Many adults, 18 and over, who seek our services struggle with substance use disorder on top of their pre-existing mental health disorder. For these individuals, our Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program can help. Because mental health and addiction are closely linked, we combine therapeutic strategies from the fields of psychiatry and addiction treatment to achieve more consistently positive outcomes.

Transitional Living

After completing either residential or co-occurring rehabilitation, residents can test their new skills in our Transitional Living Program.

Each week while living in on-campus townhomes, participants commit to 30 hours of meaningful activity. Some individuals will attend educational classes, find paid employment, or volunteer in the community. At the same time, they can still access ongoing treatment and continue building their confidence in recovery.

Community Support

At Rose Hill, we don’t just say goodbye after treatment is over. Our Community Support Program is an excellent way to stay active in your recovery. Individuals can choose from on-call support, mental health support groups, and a wide range of coordinated resources. When necessary, you can even arrange in-home visits.

Extended Residential Program

Recovery doesn’t always follow a set timeline. Some individuals need a longer, more comprehensive rehabilitation experience. As part of our individualized approach to mental health treatment, we offer an Extended Residential Program that provides additional structure and care in a supportive environment.

Our mental health programs combine pharmacological treatment with support, care, and therapy. To begin down the path to recovery, call Rose Hill Center today at 866-367-0220.