Woman Attending Extended Residential Treatment

How Extended Residential Services Can Benefit You

When you’re entering mental health treatment, your goal is to heal and overcome the challenges you’re facing. There is no set timeline for how long that should take. For some people, medications work well, and they can get back to life quickly. For others, extended residential services are essential to their recovery. Our team at…

New Year's Resolutions

7 Mental Health Resolutions For The New Year

When you are considering your New Year’s goals, think about your mental health. Many times, people over-promise and put themselves in situations where the resolutions they make are not ideal for their overall mental health. Instead, make mental health resolutions. At Rose Hill Center, we offer a few mental health tips to get you started.…

woman learning about how transitional living services help you

How Can Transitional Living Services Help You

Transitional living services can help individuals gradually move from residential care to independent living. Mental health treatment centers offer an array of services that give individuals the confidence they need to live independently, but with support from a team of specialists in a safe and caring environment. Individuals who participate in transitional living services live…

women talking about benefits of motivational interviewing therapy

Benefits of Motivational Interviewing Therapy

The primary purpose of motivational interviewing therapy is to encourage individuals to embrace their thoughts and feelings instead of fighting them or feeling guilty for having them. One of the main benefits of this type of therapy is that it teaches individuals to commit to dealing with life’s problems instead of running away from them.…

woman learning how a hobby farm can help you with mental health conditions

How Can A Hobby Farm Help You With Mental Health Conditions?

In recent years, the popularity of hobby farming has increased due to its significant benefits. People start hobby farms for a variety of different reasons, but in the process, they may realize other unexpected advantages. Some of these benefits include better mental health, a reliable food source, and an ideal way to engage in physical…