a man leans against a tree as he considers tools for recovery

Tools For Recovery

Learning how to manage a serious mental illness requires a wellness toolbox of skills.  The skills that most people strive for are: long-term recovery, physical health, purpose and meaning, and mental wellness. Being able to recognize the appropriate steps to take in a crisis, and identify supports, (in both people and activities), are both essential…

Signs of Dependent Personality Disorder Symptoms.

Signs of Dependent Personality Disorder Symptoms

Do you notice negative patterns in your relationships with others? Are you questioning your ability to maintain healthy relations without pushing people you love away? Maybe those closest to you say you are clingy or needy. If you struggle in relationships, signs of dependent personality disorder symptoms point to a real need for counseling support.…

The Spring arrival is no cure for depression

Spring Arrival is No Cure for Depression

Recently, Rose Hill Center’s Cheryl Wallace and Jessica Davis were featured in multiple publications, including the Macomb Daily. Our Vice President of Services, Cheryl Wallace, took the time to speak about the misconceptions about changing seasons and depression. In fact, spring arrival is no cure for depression. Why Spring Arrival is No Cure For Depression…