Man Experiencing Schizoaffective Disorder

Understanding Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizoaffective disorder is a complex mental health condition that afflicts individuals in various ways that potentially affect their daily lives. The professionals at the Rose Hill Center have the knowledge and experience to help individuals with schizoaffective disorder. We allow them to understand their condition, recognize the symptoms, and engage in a comprehensive treatment plan. Find out…

Woman Experiencing Bipolar Disorder

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder that affects millions of Americans, including both children and adults. Some adults that currently experience bipolar disorder symptoms were not diagnosed as children even if they may have experienced symptoms. The Rose Hill Center’s caring staff understands the complex nature of bipolar disorder. We also know how to help clients…


Feeling Safe Promotes Recovery

Feeling safe promotes recovery. In fact, feelings of safety are seen by some to be a prerequisite for effective delivery of mental health services. But what exactly is a safe environment? At Rose Hill Center we have a safety committee comprised of individuals from many departments, including clinical, administrative, human resources and facilities management. With…

Woman Attending Extended Residential Treatment

How Extended Residential Services Can Benefit You

When you’re entering mental health treatment, your goal is to heal and overcome the challenges you’re facing. There is no set timeline for how long that should take. For some people, medications work well, and they can get back to life quickly. For others, extended residential services are essential to their recovery. Our team at…

New Year's Resolutions

7 Mental Health Resolutions For The New Year

When you are considering your New Year’s goals, think about your mental health. Many times, people over-promise and put themselves in situations where the resolutions they make are not ideal for their overall mental health. Instead, make mental health resolutions. At Rose Hill Center, we offer a few mental health tips to get you started.…