common signs of bipolar disorder

Common Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder that can cause unpredictable and often extreme mood swings that include emotional highs and lows, referred to as mania and depression. Unlike the typical highs and lows most people experience with life’s ups-and-downs, these mood swings can affect a person’s sleep. They also impact their activity level, decision-making,…

community support services

The Importance of Community Support Services

Community support services are a crucial part of an effective long-term treatment plan to manage your mental health needs. Often when an individual leaves a residential rehabilitation or transitional living service, they and their family members will need ongoing support to reap their treatment benefits. At Rose Hill Center, we understand that the transition from…

a woman struggles with severe depression

How to Treat Severe Depression

Severe depression can include feelings of hopelessness, increased irritability, loss of pleasure, trouble concentrating or sleeping, or thoughts of death or suicide. It refers to depression that is more exhausting, problematic, and life-threatening, and symptoms typically interfere with a person’s everyday routine. Severe depression can threaten a person’s ability to think logically, making it harder…

a woman struggling with mental illness uses coping skills

Coping Skills Development for Mental Illness

Coping skills are ways people can deal with mental health conditions to attain optimal mental health and comfort. Coping skills can take many forms. Many of those with mental illness use their own unique coping skills to manage their thoughts, feelings, and actions, and when they do, they find that they experience improved mental health…

Woman Experiencing Dependent Personality Disorder

Understanding Dependent Personality Disorder

Individuals who live with dependent personality disorder have symptoms that often begin in childhood, leading to consequences if they don’t receive professional treatment. Rose Hill Center provides comprehensive treatment for a variety of mental health conditions, including dependent personality disorder. Call our team today at 866.367.0220 for more information about our treatment services. What is…

Woman Experiencing Borderline Personality Disorder

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Sources indicate that borderline personality disorder affects an estimated 1.4 percent of the adult population in the United States, with most individuals diagnosed with the condition being women. Rose Hill Center provides comprehensive treatment for men and women with borderline personality disorder. Contact our team today at 866.367.0220 to learn about your treatment options. What is…