Man with a personality disorder struggles with the serious effects of the condition

How Serious Are Personality Disorders?

Personality disorders are serious mental health conditions that can have a significant impact on an individual’s life. If left untreated, personality disorders can lead to a variety of physical and psychological problems, including substance misuse and depression. That’s why it’s so important for people who have personality disorders to seek professional help as soon as…

Woman fixes hair in front of mirror as her reflection symbolizes her bpd disorder

Is BPD the Only Personality of Disorder?

Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD, is a serious mental health condition that can cause extreme emotional and behavioral instability. It affects millions of people worldwide, and it’s important to be aware of the symptoms and potential treatments for this disorder. But is BPD the only personality disorder out there? Contact Rose Hill Center at 866.367.0220

Man leans against mirror as he ponders the five common personality disorders

5 Common Personality Disorders

Personality disorders can be challenging to identify. Their symptoms often overlap and manifest in unique ways for each individual. By understanding these disorders, we can better support those who struggle with them and promote mental wellness across our community. While such disorders can cause uncomfortable symptoms, effective personality disorder treatment is available. Contact Rose Hill…

Scrabble letters spell out BPD, to represent borderline personality disorder inpatient treatment

Borderline Personality Disorder Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental health disorder that usually begins in early adulthood. Individuals with borderline personality disorder have difficulty managing their emotions and behaviors, significantly impairing their daily functioning. Those with this condition also struggle to maintain healthy relationships. As with most mental health disorders, there is no known cause, but…

Do You Have a Personality Disorder

Do You Have a Personality Disorder?

A personality disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by rigid and unhealthy thinking, behaving, and functioning patterns. Individuals with personality disorders have difficulty correctly perceiving and relating to people and situations. Personality disorders can lead to significant limitations in daily functioning and cause severe problems in school, work, relationships, and social situations. Rose Hill…

Woman Experiencing Borderline Personality Disorder

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Sources indicate that borderline personality disorder affects an estimated 1.4 percent of the adult population in the United States, with most individuals diagnosed with the condition being women. Rose Hill Center provides comprehensive treatment for men and women with borderline personality disorder. Contact our team today at 866.367.0220 to learn about your treatment options. What is…