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Is There A Link Between Creativity and Mental Illness?

We have all heard the stories that relate artistic genius to mental illness. From Van Gogh and Rachmaninoff to Hemingway and Plath, the connection seems almost a given. Indeed, it is widely suggested that there is a link between creativity and mental illness. The idea of the suffering artist has been romanticized through books (The Bell Jar, I Know this Much is True) and movies (Pollack, At Eternity’s Gate), leading the general public to attribute artistic ability to a mental disorder. The anecdotal evidence is compelling and captivating to the human imagination, and having been so often cited that it ... Read more

Spring Arrival is No Cure for Depression

Recently, Rose Hill Center’s Cheryl Wallace and Jessica Davis were featured in multiple publications, including the Oakland Press. Our Vice President of Programs, Cheryl Wallace, took the time to speak about the misconceptions about changing seasons and depression. In fact, spring arrival is no cure for depression. Why Spring Arrival is No Cure For Depression Overall, the spring and summer months are actually a time with an increase of suicide attempts. Many people don’t recognize this, as there is a misconception that winter months can cause depression and anxiety, known as seasonal affective disorder. “The general public tends to think ... Read more

Learn How to Overcome OCD

It is not unusual to occasionally double check whether you unplugged the curling iron or turned off the stove. However, the need to perform certain routines and rituals before starting your day may be a problem. You may need to learn how to overcome OCD. At Rose Hill, we offer an OCD treatment program that addresses your specific needs. OCD, which stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder, is a mental health disorder. It keeps you in cycles of unwanted obsessions and compulsions. These intrusive thoughts, images and urges can trigger distressing feelings. Behaviors caused by OCD are very time-consuming. Left untreated, this ... Read more

Mindfulness and Substance Abuse

Chemical dependency derails your ability to think clearly. Besides that, it tethers you with feelings of guilt, anxiety, panic, and hopelessness. However, there’s hope. Mindfulness and substance abuse treatment is a combination that is helping people just like you cope and recover. Read more below and learn more about the admissions process at Rose Hill. Understanding Mindfulness People frequently have a difficult time coping with stressors. They see situations through a lens of judgment and emotional negativity. Imagine if you didn’t have to go through this process. In mindfulness and substance abuse treatment, you unlearn dysfunctional coping strategies. Most importantly, ... Read more

Hope Lives at Rose Hill Center

“Hope springs eternal”; “Every cloud has a silver lining”; “Hope for the best”; “Look on the bright side”; “The darkest hours are just before dawn”; “There is light at the end of the tunnel”; “Hope is passion for what is possible”. Literature is filled with messages about hope. This newsletter is devoted to hope, hopefulness, and the therapeutic benefit of hope. Yes, a sense of hopefulness helps people who are suffering from a mental illness. Even though hopelessness is a hallmark of some mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia and depression, many people with serious mental conditions retain a small glimmer ... Read more

New Years Resolutions to Improve Mental Health

The end of the year is a time when many people reflect on the past 12 months as well as begin thinking about what’s next. If you have a mental health disorder that disrupts your life, you might wonder what you can do to make the upcoming year better. Adopt New Years resolutions to improve mental health as a way to be the stable, independent person you want to be. Moreover, find mental health programs that can help you move forward in 2019. Five New Years Resolutions to Improve Mental Health Choose resolutions that fit into your life, and remember ... Read more

Create Healthy Habits for the New Year

January begins a new year, and is often seen as a chance for new beginnings, and an opportunity to start healthy new habits. Part of a healthful life includes meaningful daily activity. In fact, a structured environment that provides opportunities to work and be creative can be helpful to people who struggle with symptoms of mental illness (2). A community that includes friends and other supportive people, in the context of work, contributes to motivation and hope (1,3). We at Rose Hill are committed to a healthy lifestyle and the development of habits that contribute to a fulfilling and independent ... Read more

Rose Hill Selected As Best Managed Nonprofits 2018 Runner Up

Rose Hill Center is proud to announce that we have been selected as the best managed nonprofits 2018 runner-up by Crain’s Detroit Business. We take pride in this recognition through our hard work, compassionate staff, and innovative outreach within the community. Best Managed Nonprofits 2018 by Crain’s Detroit Business Crain’s Detroit Business serves Southeast Michigan’s business influencers industry coverage, news, and information. Moreover, they provide coverage for a variety of fields, including health care, technology, public policy, and more. Learn More About Rose Hill Center At Rose Hill, we provide invaluable mental health treatment and therapy for those who are ... Read more

It’s Mental Wellness Month 2019

Since the late 1940s, mental health organizations have noted January as Mental Wellness Month. It’s common for mental health organizations to sponsor news coverage, articles, and offer screenings for a range of mental health conditions. With Mental Wellness Month 2019 right around the corner, it’s helpful to take a look at the overall purpose of the annual program. Purpose of Mental Wellness Month As in previous years, Mental Wellness Month 2019 will serve several purposes. Increasing the public’s awareness of mental health and the high cost of ignoring it is one key function. The month also serves as a way ... Read more

Is Anxiety a Mood Disorder?

Is anxiety a mood disorder or something else completely? Many people ask this question. However, why are so many people confused about the relationship between mood disorders and anxiety? The reason might lie in the fact that they aren’t really sure what anxiety or mood disorders are. What Are Mood Disorders? To determine is anxiety a mood disorder, people have to know what a mood disorder is. It’s a condition that causes extreme lows and highs in energy levels or moods. When people think of mood disorders, the two most common ones that come to mind are bipolar disorder and ... Read more