a group meets possibly to provide Community support for mental health

How to Find Community Support for Mental Health

Whether you’re seeking support for addiction, depression, anger management, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, or other mental health issues, support groups can be a valuable tool for managing your symptoms and making community connections. Community support groups for mental health are not the same as group therapy and are not a substitute for professional treatment. However,…

a person holds their head while leaning on a wall possibly struggling with Low functioning anxiety

Low-Functioning Anxiety vs. High-Functioning Anxiety

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) states that anxiety affects 18.1% of Americans annually. Even with such a high prevalence, many people with anxiety disorders go undiagnosed and untreated, primarily due to a phenomenon referred to as high-functioning anxiety. Individuals with high-functioning anxiety experience the same symptoms as those with low-functioning anxiety, but…


Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

July is the height of the summer season-known for family vacations, trips to the beach and long lazy days in the sun. We may not often think about how temperatures seem to be rising, and scientists now generally agree that the planet is warming. In fact, a study conducted by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on…

a person sits on a couch talking to a therapist possibly about What causes high-functioning anxiety

What Causes High-Functioning Anxiety?

Do you worry a lot and constantly overthink everything? Are you continually planning, scheduling, and preparing for things? Does everyone else think of you as a master multitasker who always has everything under control? At the same time, internally, do you feel like you’re riding a rollercoaster of fear, self-doubt, self-criticism, and stress? Welcome to…

a person sits on a couch listening to a therapist possibly about the Science behind mental health

Science Behind Mental Health and Mental Health Treatment

Mental health disorders have been misunderstood for centuries. Historically, individuals suffering from mental health disorders were persecuted because they were viewed as witches or possessed by demons. Hippocrates was the first mental health pioneer, believing in changing a person’s environment and treating them with medications of the time. Modern mental health advocacy can be traced…

a person holds their chin on a couch possibly struggling with Sneaky signs of high-functioning anxiety

Sneaky Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety Most People Don’t Notice

Stress and anxiety have become so commonplace that most people do not understand the severity of their impacts on our mental and physical well-being. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders among Americans of all ages, children included. And yet they are often the most overlooked or disregarded. Because who isn’t stressed out…

a person faces the camera in a group possibly discussing types of community support

3 Types of Community Support Services

Preparing to leave long-term residential mental health treatment brings about conflicting emotions for many. Of course, there is a great sense of accomplishment, and rightfully so. Residential treatment takes hard work, and being ready to leave means you have made tremendous strides toward improving your mental health. However, this transition can also be scary, particularly…

two couples sit on stairs and talk possibly utilizing transitional living service options

Is a Transitional Living Service Right for Me?

One in twenty American adults lives with a severe mental health disorder such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or schizoaffective disorder. Of those, less than half seek professional mental health treatment. For those that do, residential treatment provides the best support to foster long-term recovery. Residential mental health treatment gives clients the skills and tools to…