board of directorsSince opening in 1992, Rose Hill Center has benefitted from our passionate board of mental health experts, business professionals, and community leaders. Our esteemed board of directors is responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing our core mental health services
  • Continually adapting our facility’s mission and vision
  • Ensuring that all staffing decisions align with our core principles and values

Rose Hill Center Board of Directors

Charles J. Evans, Chairman of the Board
Rochelle Rothwell, President and CEO
Louis C. Schmidt, Vice Chairman
J. Thomas MacFarlane, Secretary
Megan A. Wietfeld, Treasurer & Assistant Secretary
Allen R. Bellamy, PhD
David H. Boerger
Randal M. Brown
Anthony S. Castiglione
Michael J. Kane
Daniel J. Kelly
Walter Knysz, III, M.D.
Thomas V. Larabell
Patricia A. McNeill
Steven P. Mellos

Jeremy J. Modell
Steven Stasek
Lynn M. Torossian
Alice J. Wachol
Richard T. Walsh
Ronald P. Watson
Robert J. Whitty
Robert A. Wilson

Director Emeritus
Raymond M. Cracchiolo
J. Michael Moore

Advisory Board

James D. Adamo, M.D.
Stephanie W. Bergeron
William T. Burgess
Oliver G. Cameron, M.D., Ph.D
Jeffrey A. Evans

Cathrine B. Frank, M.D.
Joseph M. Grace
Waltraud E. Prechter
Mark Reinstein, Ph.D
Angammal Veluswamy, M.D.

Rose Hill Foundation Board of Directors

Gregory J. Schwartz Jr., President
J. Thomas MacFarlane, Secretary
Richard T. Walsh, Treasurer & Assistant Secretary
David H. Boerger
John W. Boukamp, III
Walter B. Fisher
Daniel J. Kelly
Walter Knysz III, M.D.

Paul D. Kurtz III
Kathleen Chisholm McInerney
Richard A. O’Connor
William F. Whelan
Robert A. Wilson

Director Emeritus
Raymond M. Cracchiolo
J. Michael Moore


Daniel J. Kelly, Co-Founder
Rosemary Kelly, Co-Founder